Swiss Open Final, Sai Praneeth vs Shi Yuqi Highlights: Praneeth finishes runner-up

Swiss Open Final, Sai Praneeth vs Shi Yuqi Highlights: Praneeth finishes runner-up

Swiss Open Final, Sai Praneeth vs Shi Yuqi Highlights: Sai Praneeth lost the final to Shi Yuqi 21-19, 18-21, 12-21 on Sunday.

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Swiss Open Badminton Final Highlights: B Sai Praneeth went down in the final. (Source: File)

Swiss Open Final, Sai Praneeth vs Shi Yuqi Highlights: A day after Indian shuttler B Sai Praneeth toppled world number five and reigning Olympic champion Chen Long in the Swiss Open semifinal in Basel, the World number 22 went down against top seed Chinese Shi Yuqi on Sunday. Praneeth went down 21-19, 18-21, 12-21 to Shi Yuqi to finish as runners-up.

After winning the first game, Praneeth kept the pressure on the top seed before losing the second game by two points. However, the decider was somewhat a one-sided match as the tired Indian shuttler lost points in a streak, failing to win his first title this year.

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Swiss Open Final, Sai Praneeth vs Shi Yuqi Highlights:

Sai finishes as runners-up

Sai Praneeth finishes as runners-up in Swiss Open! The Indian shuttler goes down in the decider to lose the thrilling final 21-19, 18-21, 12-21 to World No. 2 Shi Yuqi.

Praneeth 11-18 Yuqi in third game

Shi Yuqi is now three points away from the title. 18-11. Sai Praneeth looks to have given up from his body language at least.

Praneeth 10-15 Yuqi in third game

Shi Yuqi is running away with this at the moment, Sai Praneeth is starting to look very tired. The top seed leads 15-10 in the decider.

Praneeth 9-14 Yuqi in third game

A backhand by Sai Praneeth and Shi Yuqi leads 12-9. Sai is trying hard to keep his composure intact. Shi Yuqi has got the momentum going for him right now. 

Mid-game break

Shi Yuqi goes into the mid-game break of the decider with 11-7 lead over Sai Praneeth, who is on the ground now. Can Praneeth make a comeback?

Praneeth 7-9 Yuqi in third game

What a brilliant contest underway as Sai impresses the crowd with his reflex before Shi Yuqi snatches their attention with his drop shot. 

Praneeth 4-7 Yuqi in third game

An error from Shi Yuqi hands Sai Praneeth a 4-3 lead. But Praneeth falters afterwards as the momentum of the final shifts in favour of Shi Yuqi, who takes 7-4 lead over the Indian shuttler with four back-to-back points. Both shuttlers looking tired now. 

Praneeth 3-3 Yuqi in third game

End to end stuff here in Basel. The two finalists trade early blows in the decider and it's all square at 3-3.

Shi Yuqi wins second game

Two top smashes from Shi Yuqi and he has two game points at 20-18 and he converts the first one. Shi Yuqi wins the second game 21-18 to take the final into decider. Sai Praneeth keeping the World No. 2 under pressure.

Praneeth 18-18 Yuqi in second game

Shi Yuqi levels things up once again with a crosscourt smash but Sai makes the game level at 18-18 in the next point. Brilliant high-level badminton from both the players as 

Praneeth 16-16 Yuqi in second game

The final is still very much a contest as it is all square at 16-16 in the second game. The crowd is absolutely loving it. 

Praneeth 15-14 Yuqi in second game

What a rally! A 30-shot rally goes in Sai Praneeth's favour as he extends his lead to 15-14 in the second game. He is six points away from a memorable title win!

Praneeth 14-12 Yuqi in second game

Couple of good points from Sai Praneeth after the interval but Shi Yuqi comes back well with a couple of deceptive lifts. Sai then produces another super smash and still leads 14-12 in the 2nd game.

Mid-game break

Sai Praneeth goes into the second game break with a slender lead of one point against Chinese Shi Yuqi in the final. Did the wrong line-call affect Shi Yuqi? He seems visibly upset by it and is losing easy points.

Praneeth 9-10 Yuqi in second game

Shi Yuqi calls for review but it is 30 second too late. Sai Praneeth went comfortably wide but it was called in. The umpire says she looked at him but he did not protest initially. He takes the next point though and gets a cheer from the crowd, who sympathise with the Chinese.

Praneeth 8-9 Yuqi in second game

Brilliant comeback from Shi as he takes 9-8 lead after three unforced errors by Sai Praneeth. 

Praneeth 7-5 Yuqi in second game

The game starting to go in Praneeth's favour as Yuqi makes unforced errors. Two wrong shots and Yuqi is trailing by two points. 

Praneeth 4-3 Yuqi in second game

Terrific play by Sai Praneeth as he sends Yuqi stretching all over his side of the court. A lovely rally as the Indian takes a 4-3 lead.

Praneeth 2-2 Yuqi in second game

Another tight start as the score stands level at 2-2 in the second game. Praneeth must be careful to not lose his nerve this close to winning his first superseries of the year.

Sai wins first game 21-19

Sai Praneeth does well to win the first game 21-19 despite Shi Yuqi making a brilliant comeback from 18-12 to 19-19. The Indian shuttler is one game away from winning the title

Praneeth 19-18 Yuqi

A good comeback from Shi Yuqi sees the gap being reduced to just one point despite the Indian shuttler taking a good lead after the break. It can be anyone's game now. 

Praneeth 18-13 Yuqi

The world number 2 Yuqi is doing his best to make a comeback but Sai Praneeth is well in control of this match-up. A few more brilliant smashes from the Indian shuttler

Praneeth 15-9 Yuqi

Four back-to-back points for Sai Praneeth as he runs away with the lead after the break. Praneeth is playing the cross-court smash really well. His drops and flicks have also been really good!

Praneeth 12-9 Yuqi

And Praneeth takes the first point after the break with another smash. A rise in confidence for the Indian shuttler. 

Praneeth 11-9 Yuqi

A smash pinged into the corner, followed by some superb defense that forces an error.  Great defence by Sai Praneeth as he goes into mid-game break with lead of two points against Shi Yuqi in a closely-contested final

Praneeth 8-7 Yuqi

What a closely-contested final. Neither of the two shuttlers are ready to give away the lead by more than one point. Two unforced errors at the net hands Shi Yuqi the lead at 6-5 but Sai comes back with a couple of good points. Sai to be more careful of unforced errors, cannot afford so many in a final.

Praneeth 4-4 Yuqi

Smash and Praneeth takes the lead again. Good job by the Indian as he sends the shuttle beyond Yuqi's reach. Praneeth had quite a few smashes  yesterday as well  against Chen Long. Yuqi, however, takes the next point to make it 5-5.

Praneeth 4-4 Yuqi

Praneeth does take the next point, takes a one-point lead but Yuqi makes it level again after an error by the Indian shuttler following a long rally.

Praneeth 3-3 Yuqi

Praneeth runs away with the initial lead but Shi Yuqi not far behind catches up, makes it 3-3. Praneeth must not give up his lead, crucial next point coming up.

Praneeth 1-0 Yuqi

First point of the game and Sai Praneeth challenges. And the review goes in his favour. A good beginning for the Indian shuttler as he takes the first point. 

Match underway

Sai Praneeth vs Shi Yuqi in Swiss Open men's singles final. Match underway

Praneeth takes the court

Sai Praneeth enters the court with a small smile on his face as his name is announced. This is the Indian shuttler's first meet since the Thailand Open victory in June 2017.

Praneeth up next

On Saturday, Praneeth stunned Olympic champion to move to Swiss Open final. Today he fights Chinese Shi Yuqi for the men's singles title. The Indian shuttler is up next in the title-clash

Swiss Open LIVE

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Swiss Open men's singles final as the Indian shuttler Sai Praneeth fights Chinese Shi Yuqi in hope of the title. Stay tuned for live score and updates of the title-match.

Sai Praneeth vs Shi Yuqi Badminton Live Score Streaming: World number 22 Praneeth initially faced stiff resistance from the former Chinese world number one and Rio Olympic gold medallist before prevailing 21-18 21-13 in the semifinal clash. While the first game was tight, the Indian shuttler completely dominated the second, ending the match in 46 minutes.