BWF World Championships 2019: PV Sindhu, Sai Praneeth keep India’s medal hunt alive

BWF World Championships 2019: PV Sindhu, Sai Praneeth keep India’s medal hunt alive

PV Sindhu vs Tai Tzu Ying, Sai Praneeth vs Jonathan Christie: PV Sindhu and Sai Praneeth defeated their respective opponents and marched to the semi-finals of the BWF World Badminton Championships in Basel.

Sai Praneeth loses decider 20-22 against World No.1 Momota
B Sai Praneeth in action. (Source: PTI)

BWF World Badminton Championships 2019 Quarter-Finals highlights: PV Sindhu redeems herself in a nail-biting encounter against former World No 1 Tai Tzu Ying as she wins the quarter-finals match 12-21, 23-21, and 21-19 at the BWF World Championships in Basel. Sindhu got off to a slow start as she lost the first game by a huge margin on 9 points. In the second game, which was a must-win situation for Sindhu, she redeemed herself as she won the nailbiting contest 23-21.

In the final game, Sindhu started on a slow note as Tai Tzu maintained her dominance over the Indian. However, in the mid-stage of the game, Sindhu showed composure as she bounced back in the contest. Sindhu after an impeccable display on the court wrapped up the final game 21-19. This was the 15th encounter between both the players, and it was not short of any entertainment.

In the second match, Sai Praneeth defeated Jonatan Christie in straight games to progress to the semi-finals. He dished out a superlative performance to stun his opponent as he won the second game 21-14. However, Christie showed some grit in the first game as he put on a fight before going down 22-24.

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BWF World Championships 2019 Quarter-Finals: 

Sai Praneeth wins the match

Christie smashes but his return falls wide as Praneeth wins the second game 21-14. It was an easy victory for the Indian, as he defeated Jonatan Christie in straight games.  

Praneeth is three points away from win

After showing signs of making a comeback, Christie once again starts making errors shifting the momentum entirely in Praneeth's favour. Meanwhile, Praneeth is three points away from winning the match. Praneeth 14-18 Christie 

Christie tries to bounce back

After the break, Praneeth maintains to hold on to his gigantic lead, however, the scoreboard is ticking in the Indonesian's favour. He manages to get five points after the break but his momentum is once again disrupted by the Indian. Praneeth 10-15 Christie

Christie continues to make errors

Praneeth has extended his lead to eight points as an aggressive Christie continues to make errors one after the other in the second game. The coach has a word with the Indonesian player during the mid-game break. Praneeth 11-3 Christie 

Sai Praneeth starts strong in second game

The second game of the match is underway and Sai Praneeth has an impressive 5-point lead over his opponent. Can the Indian walk away with an easy victory in the second game?  Praneeth 7-2 Christie 

Praneeth wins 1st game

A brilliant rally comes to an end and Sai Praneeth finally manages to overcome Jonatan Christie in the first game. Praneeth 24-22 Christie  

Neck-to-neck contest!

After losing two game points, Sai Praneeth and his Indonesian opponent Jonatan Christie get engaged in a brilliant rally with the Indian coming up on top. Praneeth 21-21 Christie  

Sai Praneeth vs Jonatan Christie underway

We are extremely sorry for the delay. The second quarter-final match between Sai Praneeth and Jonatan Christie is underway. So far, the Indian has gave the Indonesian a tough competition as the scores are leveled at 16-16 in the first game.     

Sindhu wins 12-21, 23-21, and 21-19

After going down in the first game, PV Sindhu redeems herself as she goes on to beat World No 2 Tai Tzu Ying 12-21, 23-21, and 21-19 in the quarter-finals of BWF World Championships 2019.  

Scores Level!

Now the momentum has changed as Tai Tzu earns two consecutive points to settle the score at 19 all. Who will win this nail-biting contest and progress to the semi-finals? 

Sindhu doing what she does best

Sindhu is all pumped up as she extends her lead by two points. Sindhu has turned the tide in her favour as she is close to winning the match. Sindhu 17-19 Tai Tzu  

Back to back points for Sindhu

Back to back points for Sindhu. Two blistering smashes aimed right at the body of her Taiwanese opponent to level the score. Sindhu 15-15 Tai Tzu    

Tai Tzu maintains her dominance!

Tai Tzu with a powerful smash but not good enough for Sindhu as she successfully returns it. However, the Taiwanese is not deterred with Sindhu's return as she goes for the smash once again making it impossible for the Indian to return. Tai Tzu has been overpowering the Indian right from the beginning of the match. Sindhu 6-9 Tai Tzu  

Impeccable by Sindhu!

Sindhu is improvising her game as she forces Tai Tzu to cover almost every part of the court. After a couple of smashes, Sindhu sneaks the shuttle into the left corner of the court leaving Tai Tzu with no response. Huge applauds come from the crowd as she continues to stun everyone with some impeccable badminton display. However, Tai Tzu is still in the lead. Sindhu 3-5 Tai Tzu  

As the match goes into the decider, Tai Tzu Ying makes an impressive start in the third game. After some brilliant display by both the players, the Taiwanese is currently leading by three points. Sindhu 1-4 Tai Tzu   

Sindhu survives!

A nail-biting second game between PV Sindhu and Tai Tzu Ying comes to an end. Sindhu wins 23-21 keeping herself alive in the competition 

Sindhu fighting for survival

Sindhu misses the plot as loses two game points. However, the Indian makes sure that this is not the end as she earns another point to regain the advantage. Sindhu 21-20 Tai Tzu  

Sindhu crumbles!

Sindhu crumbles as Tai Tzu regains the lead. After returning two consecutive smashes, Sindhu hits the third one on the net as the Taiwanese player squeals in delight.  Sindhu 15-16 Tai Tzu   

Much better play by Sindhu

Much better play by Sindhu in the second game, although she is just leading by one point. Tai Tzu, on the other hand, is still keeping it tight for the Indian. Sindhu 14-13 Tai Tzu 

Scores level!

A sharp return from Tai Tzu and Sindhu falls in the court while attempting to return the smash. The official asks if she is fine. Sindhu continues to play and after a couple of points, she has now leveled the score in the second game. Sindhu 8-8 Tai Tzu    

Tai Tzu back in the lead

An impressive rally between Sindhu and Tai Tzu comes to end as the shuttle lands wide of the Indian. Sindhu seems tired as the Taiwanese is back in the lead. Sindhu 3-5 Tai Tzu  

Sindhu starts strong

Sindhu has so far made no mistakes in the second game as she earns the first two points. The first point came off a powerful smash, while Tai Tzu hit the net in the second instance. Can Sindhu win this one? Sindhu 2-0 Tai Tzu   

Tai Tzu wins first game

A brilliant rally comes to an end as Tai Tzu's return falls on the net. However, the Taiwanese maintains her dominance and wins the first game 21-12. Sindhu will have to bounce back in the next game in order to remain alive in the contest.  

Tai Tzu Ying dominates!

Back to back smashes by Tai Tzu Ying making it impossible for Sindhu to return. She has maintained the lead after a dominating display as Sindhu aims to bounce back. Sindhu 9-14 Tai Tzu  

Tai Tzu Ying makes a strong start

Tai Tzu Ying has made a strong start in the first game as she extends her lead by 7 points. The players take a small break as the Taiwanese seems relaxed after a good start. Sindhu 4-11 Tai Tzu   

Sindhu 3-5 Tai Tzu

The match between Sindhu and Tai Tzu Ying is underway with a neck-to-neck battle going between both the players. Sindhu is currently trailing by 2 points as the score read Sindhu 3-5 Tai Tzu.     

Sindhu vs Tai Tzu about to get underway

The Women's single match between PV Sindhu and World No 2 Tai Tzu Ying is about to get underway. Both the players have arrived at the court and are currently interacting with the officials.   

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