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PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara Highlights, Thailand Open Badminton: PV Sindhu loses 15-21, 18-21

PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara Highlights, Thailand Open Badminton: PV Sindhu went down to Nozomi Okuhara in 50 minutes in the final.

Thailand Open Badminton Live Score, PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara Final Live Streaming:
Thailand Open Badminton, PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara: PV Sindhu lost to Nozomi Okuhara.

Thailand Open Badminton, PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara: PV Sindhu came into the final against Nozomi Okuhara with a strong show in the semifinals. But, she couldn’t quite make the same impact in the match that mattered going down 15-21, 18-21 to Nozomi Okuhara of Japan in 50 minutes. Sindhu had little response for Okuhara in the first set but even as she built momentum in the second, Okuhara matched her toe-to-toe before clawing forward in the fag stages of the match. With the win, Okuhara has edged ahead of Sindhu on head-to-head with a 6-5 margin from 11 matches.

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Thailand Open Badminton, PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara Score and Updates

PV Sindhu 18-21 Nozomi Okuhara

PV Sindhu sends her smash from the serve into the net and Nozomi Okuhara wins 21-15, 21-18 to win Thailand Open Badminton. What a show from Okuhara to win the match. Had so much more to offer in the second set even as she trailed

PV Sindhu 17-18 Okuhara

Crowd goes wild as PV Sindhu and Okuhara trade blows and shots from all angles, from all sides of the court, from near the net to from the back and Okuhara sends the shot wide. Both players go down to catch a breath

PV Sindhu 14-17 Okuhara

Okuhara has taken the lead in the second set and is racing away as the line gets closer. Thumping smash past Sindhu and there is no reply. Next point, same scenario. Sindhu's loopy reply at the net is smacked swiftly back. 

PV Sindhu 11-9 Okuhara

Nozomi Okuhara trails PV Sindhu by 9-11 in the second set. Sindhu taking the lead multiple times in the second set but unable to keep it for a long time

PV Sindhu 9-9 Okuhara

Okuhara with a thrashing smash to Sindhu's right and the Indian fails to get it back. Far too much pwer and lovely angle on it to be returned. Sindhu then makes an error and it is even stevens

PV Sindhu 7-7 Okuhara

Yet another marathon rally with both players touching each and every inch of the court. Forcing each other to move back and forth before Sindhu's movement gives way and Okuhara wins fifth point in a row. Sindhu stops that run with double smash - one gets returned but not the second.

PV Sindhu 6-6 Okuhara

Nozomi Okuhara has reeled off four points in a row. Has come from 2-6 down in the second set to make it 6-6 as Sindhu's shot lands narrowly wide. Superb defence and keeping the point going from all sorts of angles. Going into all four corners

PV Sindhu 15-21 Okuhara

PV Sindhu gets her angled half smash wrong and the shuttle lands wide. Brings up game points. And it is converted on the first time of asking. Sindhu sends her shot into the net and Nozomi Okuhara wins the opening set 21-15 in 20 minutes

PV Sindhu 15-19 Okuhara

Nozomi Okuara with a blistering smash straight into PV Sindhu's body. Finds the target and the mark and Sindhu can do nothing but catch the shuttle! Left with zero space to do anything from there. Okuhara then has PV Sindhu lunging forward and the push into the final third is long

PV Sindhu 13-17 Okuhara

Just a point after Sindhu asserted her dominance with a fierce smash from the near the net, she errs on the next point in rather poor fashion

PV Sindhu 12-15 Okuhara

Okuhara building her lead now. Has PV Sindhu stretching to the right and produces a loopy reply which she swiftly dispatches at the net with some velocity. But, fails to get her drop shot game on point on the next

PV Sindhu 10-13 Okuhara

How did PV Sindhu not win this point! Incredible shots, full of power, smacked right at Okuhara twice, fantastic angles but the Japanese kept the point going and sees Sindhu miss her drop shot to keep it a three point game

PV Sindhu 9-12 Okuhara

PV Sindhu being pushed all over. A drop on one side and on the other with the push landing long. Okuhara gets her angle wrong this time as the little push from the net is wide of the mark.  

PV Sindhu 8-11 Okuhara

PV Sindhu sends her smash down the line just wide and Okuhara builds a three gap. But Okuhara with an error on the next point. At the break, Okuhara leads 11-8 in the first set as PV Sindhu's shot, on the stretch, is well wide of the mark 

PV Sindhu 7-9 Okuhara

Nozomi Okuhara goes for the angle onthe deep reply but it falls just wide. PV Sindhu with a smart read of the lines and lets it go. Okuhara then with a drop shot that fails to come through and hits the net.  

PV Sindhu 5-9 Okuhara

Nozomi Okuhara taking the lead in the first game. Dominant smash and Sindhu can't get it back. PV Sindhu follows it up by sending her shot long. Challenges but it fails. Loses the challenge


Excellent smash by PV Sindhu to bring herself back into the game. Okuhara tried to push Sindhu towards a corner when Sindhu smashed it towards Okuhara's left. Sindhu closes the gap to 4-6. 

Okuhara leads

Nozomi Okuhara has been absolutely impressive with her speed and PV Sindhu is struggling early on to match up to her speed. Nozomi Okuhara has taken the lead of 6-3 in the match in the first game. 

Sindhu faulters

PV Sindhu tries to pick up pace against Okuhara, who is taking high shots to slow down the pace and then lock up the Indian shuttler. But Sindhu faultered with a return shot and it landed outside. 

PV SIndhu takes court

PV Sindhu takes the court against Japan's Nozomi Okuhara. The two shuttlers have met each other a few times in recent times, and this is going to be a fierce contest. They both start with 1-1. 

UP NEXT: PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara

The men's singles winner and runner-up ceremony concludes. Next on court will be PV Sindhu and Nozomi Okuhara for the women's singles final. 

Tsuneyama wins!

Tsuneyama with hystirical celebrations as his drop shot lands in. He beats a much fancied Sugiarto 21-16, 13-21, 21-9

Tsuneyama leads

Tsuneyama has taken the lead in the deciding third set. He leads 11-5 in the third set over Sugiarto having dropped the second 13-21

Medical attention for Sugiarto

There's a big cut and gash on Sugiarto's middle finger. It needs him to step off the court and get medical attention. It is taped up first and then a medical practitioner comes to his rescue. Tsuneyama and Sugiarto are locked at 11-11 in the second set

Men's Final Live

In the men's singles final, Tsuneyama has won the opening set 21-16 against Sugiarto. The Japanese also leads 5-3 in the second set


The results so far: 

Mixed Doubles: Hafiz Faizal/Gloria Emanuelle Widjaja beat Chris Adcock/Gabrielle Adcock 21-12, 21-12

Men's Doubles: Takeshi Kamura/Keigo Sonoda beat Hiroyuki Endo/Yuta Watanabe 21-17, 21-19

Women's Doubles: Greysia Polli/Apriyani Rahayu beat Misaki Matsutomo/Ayaka Takahashi 21-13, 21-10

PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara Live

Hello and Good Afternoon! Welcome to our live coverage of the Thailand Open Badminton on this final day. PV Sindhu and Nozomi Okuhara will face off in the women's singles final which is the last and final match of the tournament. 

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Thailand Open Badminton Live Score, PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara Final Live Streaming: PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara.

Thailand Open Badminton Live Score, PV Sindhu vs Nozomi Okuhara Final Live Streaming: Olympic silver medallist PV Sindhu advanced into the women’s singles final after registering a hard-fought victory over Indonesia’s Gregoria Mariska Tunjung at the USD 350,000 Thailand Open World Tour Super 500 tournament in Bangkok on Saturday. The second-seeded Indian continued her unbeaten run in the Thai capital with a 23-21 16-21 21-9 win over Tunjung in a match that lasted an hour. In what is expected to be a high-voltage summit showdown, Sindhu will lock horns with Nozomi Okuhara in a rematch of the last World Championship, in which the Japanese prevailed. The world no 3 Indian pipped Tunjung to win the first game that went down to the wire, separated by just two points.

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