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PV Sindhu vs Gregoria Mariska Tunjung Highlights, Thailand Open Badminton: PV Sindhu wins 23-21, 16-21, 21-9 in semi-final

PV Sindhu vs Gregoria Mariska Tunjung Highlights, Thailand Open Badminton: PV Sindhu is through to the final with a win in three sets.

PV Sindhu vs Gregoria Mariska Tunjung Highlights, Thailand Open Badminton: PV Sindhu won in three sets. (Source: File)

Thailand Open Badminton Highlights: Rio Olympics silver medallist PV Sndhu progressed into the final of the Thailand Open following a three set win over Indonesia’s 18-year-old Gregoria Mariska Tunjung. Sindhu won 23-21, 16-21, 21-9 to continue her unbeaten run in Bangkok in the match that lasted an hour. Sindhu, after an error prone second set, had no trouble getting the job done in the third set where she smacked and cruised past Tanjung. In the final, she will face Nozomi Okuhara of Japan who beat Beiwen Zhang 21-17, 21-10.

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PV Sindhu vs Gregoria Mariska Tunjung Highlights, Thailand Open Badminton:


Tunjung sends the attempted drop shot from the Sindhu's drop into the net and PV Sindh wins it 23-21, 16-21, 21-9 in exactly an hour

PV Sindhu 19-9 Tunjung

Tunjung goes for too much from the middle of the court. Plenty of pace on the shot and it goes long. She follows it up with a smash into the net

PV Sindhu 18-7 Tunjung

PV Sindhu with a dominant smash past Tunjung who can only see the shuttle fly past her. It has been all PV Sindhu in the third set

PV Sindhu 16-7 Tunjung

Tunjung sends her shot into the net and PV Sindhu is coasting away here. The Indian winning more of the points at the net now and looks close to making the final

PV Sindhu 16-21 Tunjung

One game all! Tunjung takes the second game 21-16 in 21 minutes. PV Sindhu sends her shot into the net and it has been a poor game by the Indian

PV Sindhu 16-20 Tunjung

Luck of the tape for Sindhu. Her smash hits the top of the net and goes over. Cross court backhand by Tunjung and Sindhu sends the drop shot for a comfortable put away chance for the Indonesian and she obliges

PV Sindhu 14-18 Tunjung

Tunjung keeping Sindhu moving. A drop shot has Sindhu stretching and opening up the court which where she slaps a smash 

PV Sindhu 14-17 Tunjung

PV Sindhu with three points in a row of her own but Tunjung breaks the streak with a well placed backhand drop shot. But misses the push into the back of the court. Sends the shuttle long and it is now 14-17

PV Sindhu 10-16 Tunjung

Tunjung has taken a six point lead in the second set with PV Sindhu lagging behind. More appropriatly, though, Tunjung hasn't been affected by losing the first set and has looked far more convincing this time. She's being patient, finding the angles and going for her shots when the opportunity does present itself

PV Sindhu 9-11 Tunjung

Six points in a row for Tunjung as PV Sindhu's push from a drop shot sails wide. Out of nowhere, the Indonesian is in the lead

PV Sindhu 9-9 Tunjung

PV Sindhu's shot goes long and the challenge fails to get her out as well. Tunjung with four straight points and she levels the second set with Sindhu erring all of a sudden

PV Sindhu 9-5 Tunjung

PV Sindhu playing with much variation and even though she is playing with the drift, she's mixing things up and has taken the lead in the second set. She leads 9-5

PV Sindhu 23-21 Tunjung

PV Sindhu with a jump smash and severe pace on it that Tunjung can't get it back. Tries to get the backhand return to it but only manages to get the touch on it and falls flat. Game point Sindhu at 22-21. Tunjung had the pace, had the space, had the advantage, looked better off but she squanders control of the point to net her shot. Looked to go for a disguised drop shot but hits the net instead. GAME PV SINDHU!

PV Sindhu 21-21 Tunjung

Tunjung tries to find the line with a smash but it is just wide of the mark. Game point to Sindhu now. This time, Sindhu lets the game point go. Misses the drop shot return and Sindhu has no challenges remaining. 

PV Sindhu 20-20 Tunjung

Tunjung gets the luck of the net. Her drop shot hits the top of the tape and trickes over. Pretty much nothing Sindhu can do and she is reduced to her knees. Game point for Tunjung. Service error and it is 20-20 now

PV Sindhu 19-19 Tunjung

PV Sindhu after a smart and aggressive point where she attacked Tunjung's serve, nets her forehand and it is even at 19-19 now. Neither able to pull through anymore

PV Sindhu 18-18 Tunjung

PV Sindhu once again shows her never say die attitude. A 25 shot rally with both players going back and forth, using all angles and finding all the parts of the court before SIndhu's push into the back lands in. But she comes back with an error and it is even at 18-18 now

PV Sindhu 17-17 Tunjung

This time Tunjung finds the line and the shuttle kisses the line as it skittles across the court. But the Indonesian then sends the drop shot into the net  Restores parity

PV Sindhu 16-16 Tunjung

PV Sindhu keeps crawling back. Makes a strong smash which goes unreturned and Tunjung makes two errors in a row - one into the net and now well wide of inside the line. 16-16 now

PV Sindhu 12-16 Tunjung

PV Sindhu sends the little shuttle push into the back of the court wide and Tunjung regains her three point advantage. Sindhu guilty of making multiple errors here. Tunjung makes it a four point game with a strong smash beyond Sindhu's backhand 

PV Sindhu 10-12 Tunjung

Tunjung tries to go for a drop shot and sends it into the net. Poor shot and Sindhu wins three points in a row to reduce the deficit to one point. The Indonesian girl with an angled shot and it lands in which Sindhu had challenged

PV Sindhu 7-11 Tunjung

A long wait for the challenge. Technology failing us here. The video isn't working but another official comes down to the court to notify that Sindhu's shot was wide. At the break in the first game, Tunjung leads 11-7

PV Sindhu 7-5 Tunjung

PV Sindhu with a deft drop shot and Tunjung's reply isn't far back enough and Sindhu smacks it back into the body. Takes a two point lead

PV Sindhu 5-4 Tunjung

PV Sindhu with an angled cross court half smash and Tunjung fails to get to it. Both trading blows early on and little to separate between them so far

PV Sindhu vs Gregoria Mariska Tunjung

PV Sindhu is set to take on Indonesia's Gregoria Mariska Tunjung in the semifinal of the Thailand Open. She has been in excellent form throughout the tournament and she got past Soniia Chea in the quarterfinals in straight games to reach here. Can she reach the final?

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Thailand Open Badminton Live Score, Live Streaming: PV Sindhu will be in action in Thailand Open. (Source: File)

Thailand Open Badminton Live Score, Live Streaming: Olympic silver medallist PV Sindhu progressed to the women’s singles semifinals after knocking out Malaysia’s Soniia Cheah in straight games at the USD 350,000 Thailand Open World Tour Super 500 tournament in Bangkok on Friday. The second seeded Indian continued her consistent performance with a 21-17 21-13 win over world no 35 Soniia in a 36-minute clash. The world no 3 Indian will next face Indonesia’s Gregoria Mariska Tunjung. The drift in the hall created troubles for both the shuttlers who struggled with the length of their strokes. Sindhu was erratic initially and the result was Soniia led 11-7 at the first interval.

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