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Saturday, January 18, 2020

Indonesia Open Semi-Finals Highlights: PV Sindhu beat Chen Yufei to book final spot

Indonesia Open 2019 Semi-Finals Badminton, PV Sindhu vs Chen Yufei Badminton Highlights: PV Sindhu beat Chen Yufei 21-19, 21-10 in the women's singles semifinals in Jakarta on Saturday.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: July 20, 2019 5:01:21 pm
Indonesia Open 2019 Semi-Finals, PV Sindhu vs Chen Yufei: Sindhu eyes final spot

Indonesia Open 2019 Semi-Finals, PV Sindhu vs Chen Yufei Badminton Highlights: PV Sindhu made a remarkable comeback in the semifinal of Indonesia Open 2019, beating World No. 3 Chen Yufei 21-19, 21-10. Left as the only surviving Indian shuttler in the Indonesia Open Super Series, Sindhu will now take on Yamaguchi in the final on Sunday. Sindhu has failed to win a title this year and is now a step closer to getting her first of the season.

Despite bad starts in both the games, Sindhu managed to fight back and win the semifinal in straight games. The opening game was a thrilling one as it turned out to be a tight game with Sindhu managing to claim it only towards the end. Sindhu, however, dominated in the second game, despite a bad start.

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PV Sindhu vs Chen Yufei, Indonesia Open 2019 Semi-Finals Highlights:


    16:29 (IST)20 Jul 2019

    PV Sindhu gave a spectacular performance against Chen Yufei to book women's singles final spot. Sindhu won the semifinal 21-19, 21-10. This is the first time in her career that she made it to Indonesia Open final

    16:26 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    2nd game: Sindhu 17-8 Chen

    Sindhu is on an incredible run and leads 17-8 at the moment. It looks all but over for Chen Yufei. Plenty of errors from Chen Yufei

    16:21 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    2nd game: Sindhu 15-8 Chen

    Sindhu has now won 13 of the last 16 points! She leads 15-8 in the second game.

    16:18 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    2nd game: PV SINDHU 11-8 CHEN YUFEI

    Trailing 4-0 at the start of the second game, Sindhu again fights back to go into the mid-game break with a three-point lead. If she does win this match in straight games, it will do wonders to boost the Indian shuttler's confidence

    16:14 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    2nd game: Sindhu 8-5 Chen

    Another brilliant comeback by the Indian shuttler as she claims six back-to-back points to take a three-point lead in the second game. The errors have begun to creep into the Chinese shuttler’s game.

    16:12 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    2nd game: Sindhu 4-5 Chen

    Sindhu finds her groove. After losing the first four points, she recovers well to make it 4-5.

    16:09 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    2nd game: Sindhu 1-4 Chen

    Bad start for PV Sindhu again! She gives away the first four points to Chen before breaking the streak and claiming her first point of the second game.

    16:06 (IST)20 Jul 2019

    What a spectacular fightback from the Indian shuttler, who came from 14-18 down to win the opening game of the semifinal

    16:01 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    1st game: Sindhu 19-18 Chen

    This is the first time in the semifinal that Sindhu has taken the lead. And she does that with a fine drop shot. FIVE back-to-back points for Sindhu

    16:00 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    1st game: Sindhu 18-18 Chen

    AND SHE DOES MAKE A COMEBACK! What a thrilling match underway! After trailing Chen by four points towards the end of the opening game, she wins four back-to-back points to level it at 18-18

    15:58 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    1st game: Sindhu 14-18 Chen

    The Chinese player Chen Yufei is sort of running away with the game now. Chen sends an unexpected drop-shot and an unforced error by Sindhu, who needs to quickly change the course of the game

    15:55 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    1st game: Sindhu 13-15 Chen

    Good defence from Sindhu as she blocks three smashes in a row to take that point.

    15:52 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    1st game: Sindhu 12-13 Chen

    Both the shuttlers claim two points each after the 1st game interval and it has become a neck-to=neck competition here in Jakarta. 

    15:50 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    1st game: PV SINDHU 10-11 CHEN YUFEI

    PV Sindhu had a bad start to the semifinal, giving away the first three points but makes a good comeback to go into the mid-game break trailing by just one point

    15:48 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    1st game: Sindhu 10-10 Chen

    Sindhu has finally found her groove with her immediate goal to go into the mid-game break with a lead. Sindhu first levelled the game at 9-9 before the scoreboard read 10-10. 

    15:46 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    1st game: Sindhu 7-8 Chen

    COMEBACK BY SINDHU! The Indian shuttler grabs three back-to-back points to bridge the gap between them to one point. 

    15:45 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    1st game: Sindhu 4-7 Chen

    Chen is running away with points as Sindhu commits a string of errors. Meanwhile, Chen looks at ease and is using the court well. Sindhu needs to find her groove

    15:41 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    1st game: Sindhu 1-3 Chen

    Bad start for Sindhu. She gives away the first THREE points to the Chinese opponent. A number of errors before she claims her first semifinal point with a fine inside-out cross-court smash at the end of the fourth rally (yes fourth) of the match

    15:38 (IST)20 Jul 2019

    The fight for the final spot begins! PV Sindhu vs Chen Yufei is now underway. Note: Sindhu hasn't won a single title this year and would be desperately looking for a step closer to one today.

    15:33 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    Sindhu takes court

    The women's doubles match is over and the Japanese pair of Fukushima and Hirota are in the final with a 21-14, 21-12 win over Qing Chen-Yifan. SINDHU TAKES COURT

    14:54 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    Sindhu up next

    Sindhu to take court next. The semi-final between PV Sindhu and Chen Yu Fei will be up once the women's doubles semi-final concludes. 

    14:34 (IST)20 Jul 2019
    Indonesia Open semifinals LIVE

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of PV Sindhu's semifinal clash in women's singles of Indonesia Open as she takes on World No. 3  Chen Yufei with eyes on the final spot. Stay tuned for live score and updates of the semi clash

    P V Sindhu stormed into the semifinals of the Indonesia Open after beating Japan's Nozomi Okuhara in straight games in the women's singles event here on Friday. Olympic silver medallist Sindhu, seeded fifth, hardly had to break a sweat as she posted a comfortable 21-14 21-7 win over the third seeded Japanese shuttler in just 44 minutes. She took little time to get into the groove and once she broke away from tied 6-6, there was no looking back for the shuttler from Hyderabad.