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Monday, February 24, 2020

Indonesia Open Highlights: PV Sindhu, HS Prannoy lose in quarterfinals

PV Sindhu lost 21-14, 21-15 against China's He Bing Jiao in the Indonesia Open quarterfinal.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: July 6, 2018 5:27:33 pm
PV Sindhu, PV Sindhu India, PV Sindhu vs Carolina Marin, Kidambi Srikanth, Malaysia Open, sports news, badminton, Indian Express PV Sindhu lose to He Bingjiao. (Source: File)

PV Sindhu lost in the quarterfinal of the Indonesia Open against He Bing Jiao 21-14, 21-15, ending the run of India’s contingent in the Indonesia Open. Sindhu found herself struggling from the start in the match, not being able to match up to Jiao’s speed and agility. Her defeat came on the same day HS Prannoy lost to China’s Shi Yuqi 21-17, 21-18 to end his campaign in the tournament. It means that no Indian shuttler managed to reach the semifinals of the Indonesia Open, with Kidambi Srikanth getting knocked out in the first round, and Saina Nehwal losing in the Round of 16 on Friday.

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Indonesia Open Badminton Highlights


    17:16 (IST)06 Jul 2018

    PV Sindhu loses 21-14, 21-15 to He Bing Jiao in the Indonesia Open quarter final. 

    This ends India's campaign in Indonesia Open.

    17:15 (IST)06 Jul 2018

    Terrific fight from PV Sindhu as the rally goes back and forth. She cloese the gap but it looks she is only delaying inevitable. 

    17:13 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    He BJ leads by 7 ponts

    He Bingjiao has taken a 7-point lead over PV Sindhu and this match has all but slipped from Sindhu's hands. She is the last Indian remaining in the competition. She leads 18-11

    17:10 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    Sindhu trails behind

    PV Sindhu has been brilliant in the second game, as she is showing speed and agility to pick up dangerous shots from He Bing Jiao. But she has committed a few unforced errors and now she is trailing by 15-10 in the second game. 

    17:07 (IST)06 Jul 2018

    It was the longest rally in the match which ended with Sindhu slamming the shuttle outside the court. She trails 11-9 in the second game against He Bing Jiao. 

    17:05 (IST)06 Jul 2018

    PV Sindhu is starting to get her groove back as she hammers a back handd shot towards He's left leaving her no chance to reach the shuttle. She closes the gap to 9-10 in the second game. But still tailing.

    17:02 (IST)06 Jul 2018

    He Bing Jiao slams hard and fast, cramping up PV Sindhu for room to muster a return. She has now equalised after trailing early on and the battle is on in the second game. 

    17:00 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    Excellent SIndhu

    PV Sindhu is brilliantly using her speed and agility to confuse He Bing Jiao. As Jiao sets up on the left, Sindhu puts the shuttle towards the right and leaves no chance for the Chinese shuttler to pick it up. Sindhu leads 5-1. 

    16:59 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    PV Sindhu leads in the second game

    A serve error from He Bing Jiao early on, followed by two more unforced errors, has given PV Sindhu an early 3-1 lead in the second game. She would want to maintain the gap and save the match for herself. 

    16:57 (IST)06 Jul 2018

    PV Sindhu loses first game 21-14 against China's He Bing Jiao in Indonesia Open quarterfinal match. 

    16:55 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    Sindhu fights back

    He Bing Jiao has a 20-12 lead but Sindhu has managed to pick up two points on the trot to delay the inevitable. 

    16:53 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    8-point lead for He BJ

    He Bing Jiao has taken an 8-point lead over PV Sindhu in the first game. She leads 19-11 over Sindhu, and this is going in the wrong direction for Sindhu.

    16:52 (IST)06 Jul 2018

    For the fourth consecutive time, Sindhu has struck the net and she drops four points on the trot. He Bing Jiao has taken a five point lead in the first game now. She leads 16-11 over Sindhu.

    16:50 (IST)06 Jul 2018

    Back-hand - drop-shot-smash-pick-back-hand-attempted drop shot that struck the net. GOOD RALLY! But PV Sindhu will regret hitting the net to lose the precious point. He leads 12-10. 

    16:48 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    Sindhu trails at the break

    PV Sindhu trails 11-10 at the break in the first game against He Bing Jiao in Indonesia Open quarterfinal.

    16:48 (IST)06 Jul 2018

    PV Sindhu is keen to fight back and she smashes the shuttle towards He's left, leaving her no chance to pick up the shot. Score level at 10-10.

    16:46 (IST)06 Jul 2018

    It was a good rally between He BJ and PV Sindhu, as they both made the other to cover up a lot of the ground to pick up the shots. But in the end, a long shot from HEBJ made Sindhu believe it was going OUT, but it landed IN. He BJ leads 10-8 over PV Sindhu.

    16:44 (IST)06 Jul 2018


    What a terrific display of skills from Sindhu who cramps up He BJ for room with two tight slams to pick up two points on the trot. She gets the score on level terms at 7-7.

    16:43 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    He B J leads

    He B J has taken 7-5 lead over PV Sindhu early on in the first game. So far, it has been a game of short rallies, with both the shuttlers committing a few unforced errors at the start.

    16:41 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    PV Sindhu fights back

    PV Sindhu picks up a low shot from JHe Bing Jiao and pushes it towards the right corner. The Chinese shuttler could not get a touch to it and loses the point. Sindhu is slowly closing the gap. Sindhu 3-5 He

    16:39 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    He Bing Jiao takes lead early

    He Bing Jiao has taken an early lead with PV Sindhu slamming the net on two consecutive occasions. It was a series of unforced errors that saw Saina Nehwal losing yesterday and Sindhu would want to avoid making the same mistake. He Bing Jiao leads 4-1.

    16:33 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    PV Sinhdu takes court

    PV Sindhu is now on the court as she gets ready to face China's He Bingjiao. It is the farthest Sindhu has ever reached in Indonesia Open, and she would be eager to reach the semifinal after beating an opponent she knows too well. 

    16:31 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    HS Prannoy knocked out!

    HS Prannoy has been knocked out after losing to China's Shi Yuqi 21-17, 21-18 in Indonesia Open. PV Sindhu comes up next!

    16:21 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    HS Prannoy trails in second game at the break

    HS Prannoy is on the verge of losing this match as he currently trails 11-8 at the break in the second game. Can he muster a comeback now or is it too late?

    16:11 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    HS Prannoy loses first game

    HS Prannoy has dropped the first game against China's Shi Yuqi. Shi Yuqi has taken a one-game lead by 21-17. HS Prannoy lost his first game yesterday as well, but he came back to win the next two. Can he do the same today?

    16:00 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    HS Prannoy trails at the break in the first game

    HS Prannoy is trailing 11-8 against China's Shi Yuqi at the break in the first game. Can Prannoy bounce back to win the game after the break?

    14:22 (IST)06 Jul 2018

    In the two key results thus far, Kento Momota edged Tommy Sugiarto 21-11, 21-15 and on the other court, Chen Yufei beat second seed Akane Yamaguchi. Worth reminding that Prannoy's match won't be televised while Sindhu's will be on TV. 

    14:21 (IST)06 Jul 2018
    Indonesia Open Live

    Hello and Good Afternoon! Welcome to our live coverage of the Indonesia Open Badminton with PV Sindhu and HS Prannoy in action today. On Thursday, Saina Nehwal and Sameer Verma bowed out of contention. Nehwal lost to Chen Yufei and Sameer lost to the top seed Viktor Axelsen. 

    Indonesia Open Live Score Live Streaming Indonesia Open Highlights: PV Sindhu is out from Indonesia Open. (Source: File)

    Olympic silver medallist P V Sindhu celebrated her 23rd birthday with a straight-game win over Japan’s Aya Ohori to enter the quarterfinals on Thursday. World No 3 Sindhu, who had reached the semifinals at Malaysia Open last week, didn’t break much sweat as she defeated Ohori, ranked 17th, 21-17 21-14 in a 36-minute women’s singles match. It was Sindhu’s fifth win over the Japanese in as many meetings.