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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Denmark Open Badminton semifinals Highlights: Saina Nehwal enters final, Kidambi Srikanth loses semifinal clash

Denmark Open Badminton Semifinals Saina Nehwal, Kidambi Srikanth Highlights: Kidambi Srikanth went down in the semifinal clash against Kento Momota but Saina Nehwal booked the final spot after a one-sided performance.

By: Sports Desk | Updated: October 20, 2018 6:47:20 pm
Denmark Open Badminton Live Score Denmark Open Badminton Highlights: Saina Nehwal, Kidambi Srikanth in action.

Denmark Open Badminton Saina Nehwal, Kidambi Srikanth Highlights: Kidambi Srikanth loses his semifinal clash to World No. 1 Kento Momota 21-16, 21-12 in the Denmark Open. Despite a spirited performance, Momota was too good for the defending champion, knocking him out to book the final spot. Saina Nehwal gave a brilliant one-sided performance to get the better of Indonesia’s Gregoria Tunjung 21-11, 21-12 in just 30 minutes to book the final spot where she will clash with top seed TAI Tzu Ying.

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Denmark Open Badminton Semifinals Saina Nehwal, Kidambi Srikanth Highlights


    18:41 (IST)20 Oct 2018


    Superb performance by Saina! She beats Gregoria Tunjung 21-11, 21-12 in a one-sided semifinal to set up final clash against TAI Tzu Ying.  It took her a total of 30 minutes to finish off her opponent.

    18:36 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Saina 17-10 the second game

    Saina is clearly enjoying her game. She smiles after losing a point to Gregoria. She knew she could take that one and laughs at herself. At this point, it is very difficult for the Indonesian to turn the table. 

    18:35 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Saina 11-8 the second game

    Saina Nehwal goes into the mid-game break with a lead of three points. Saina shows who is the boss by deservingly taking the lead back.

    18:31 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Saina 7-7 the second game

    Gregoria comeback! The Indonesian has finally found her groove, levels the game 7-7. Can she snatch the lead from Saina Nehwal? Saina needs to change her strategy again

    18:29 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Saina 7-4 the second game

    Gregoria tries to make a comeback, makes it a gap of just one point, figures out a way to win points against Saina. But the Indian shuttler changes her strategy to develop a good lead

    18:25 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Saina 4-1 the second game

    Beast mode on! Saina Nehwal is unstoppable right now! The Indonesian opponent is unable to keep up with powerful shots by Saina.

    18:23 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Saina 21-11 the first game

    A dominating performance by Saina Nehwal sees her winning the first game 21-11. There is no stopping the Indian shuttler right now! 

    18:18 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Saina 18-8 the first game

    Saina is rushing towards a win in the first game. Saina is simply too good for her opponent - so good you almost feel bad for Gregoria. 

    18:16 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Saina 11-5 the first game

    Brilliant start of the semifinal clash by Saina Nehwal, as she goes into the mid-game break with 11-5 lead.

    18:11 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Saina 6-3 the first game

    Saina is building upon her lead which is now of three points. Brilliant start of the match for Saina - strong shots. She is dominating this one. 

    18:10 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Saina 3-1 the first game

    After both the shuttlers take a point each to be level at 1-1, Saina gets in the groove and does well to take the next two points.

    18:04 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Saina semifinal LIVE

    Saina Nehwal takes the court against Gregoria Mariska Tunjung in the semifinal clash. TAI Tzu Ying has entered the women's singles final and will face the winning of the match between Saina and Gregoria.

    17:53 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Saina in Denmark Open

    It has been a tough fight for Saina in the Denmark Open so far. She got past the Japanese opponents Akane Yamaguchi and Nozomi Okuhara to book a ticket to the semis

    17:39 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Saina to play next

    Saina Nehwal plays next. Currently, top-seeded TAI Tzu Ying is playing semifinal clash against HE Bingjiao, who is seventh seeded.

    17:26 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Srikanth LOSES

    Kidambi Srikanth loses the semifinal clash 21-16, 21-12 against World No. 1 Kento Momota. It was a hard fought battle for the Indian, who played very well today. His shots were accurate, smart and crisp. However, Momota was outstanding, unstoppable and way too superior.

    17:17 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Srikanth 10-16 Momota in second game

    Momota running away with the game and the match. It looks hard for Srikanth to make a comeback here. Momota is making full use of errors by Srikanth, who really needs to change his tactic now

    17:13 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Srikanth 10-14 Momota in second game

    Errors from Srikanth costing him crucial points here. The Indian needs to change his tactics here.

    17:09 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Srikanth 9-13 Momota in second game

    Here is an interesting fact in favour of seventh seeded Srikanth:

    17:09 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Srikanth 7-11 Momota in second game

    Srikanth under pressure as he trails Momota 7-11 in the mid-game break of the second game.

    17:06 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Srikanth 5-8 Momota in second game

    Momota takes five straight points to earn a three point lead against Srikanth. Yet another long rally sees Srikanth lose another point. Momota leading 8-5 in the second game.

    17:02 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Srikanth 4-4 Momota in second game

    A sharp shot by Momota sees him level the second game 4-4 as the shuttle falls on Srikanth's face. That is two back-to-back spectacular finishes by Momota. 

    16:59 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Srikanth 2-0 Momota in second game

    Good start for the Indian as he takes the first two points of the second game. He needs to win this game in order to drag the match to the deciding game.

    16:58 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Srikanth 16-21 Momota

    Kidambi Srikanth loses the first game of the semifinal 21-16. Important to note here that Srikanth is displaying brilliant form and game here but Momota is far too good to be beaten. 

    16:54 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Srikanth 13-17 Momota

    Srikanth sends it beyond the line to lose another point. Momota making the most of unforced errors by the Indian, stretching the lead by four points. 

    16:51 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Srikanth 11-15 Momota

    Momota is controlling the match after the mid-game interval. He has taken a good lead. Srikanth needs to catch up before the game slips out of his hand.

    16:47 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Srikanth 10-11 Momota

    What a rally! A long rally saw Srikanth stretching full to the left to take the shot. Momota then sends him towards the right. Srikanth attempts to take it but misses it from a close range. With that, Momota goes into the mid-game break with a point's lead.

    16:43 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Srikanth 7-6 Momota

    Srikanth with brilliant shots! Momota can't keep up, doesn't see them coming and seems under pressure right now. Srikanth leading with a point, hoping to go into mid-game interval with the lead.

    16:39 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Srikanth 2-4 Momota

    Srikanth does well to earn two successive points and take 2-1 lead but Momota responds by taking the next three points and snatching back the lead. 

    16:36 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Match underway

    A loud cheer greets the two semifinalists as they take court. Kidambi Srikanth's semifinal clash against second-seeded Momota underway. Momota takes the first point.

    16:30 (IST)20 Oct 2018

    Srikanth does not have a good head-to-head record against second-seeded Momota. The Japanese shuttler leads 8-3 against Srikanth. This is a difficult semifinal for the seventh-seeded Indian. 

    15:59 (IST)20 Oct 2018
    Denmark Open LIVE

    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Denmark Open semifinals on Saturday. Kidambi Srikanth will be in action first against Kento Momota while Saina Nehwal will be up against Gregoria Mariska Tunjung. 

    Denmark Open Badminton Live Score Saina Nehwal, Kidambi Srikanth Live Streaming Denmark Open Badminton Live Score Saina Nehwal, Kidambi Srikanth Live Streaming: Kidambi Srikanth vs Kento Momoto Live. (Source: File)

    Denmark Open Badminton Live Score Saina Nehwal, Kidambi Srikanth Live Streaming: Kidambi Srikanth, who slayed Lin Dan to reach the quarterfinal, defeated Sameer Verma 22-20, 19-21, 23-21 in a thriller contest to book a ticket to the semifinal. In the semis, the Indian shuttler will face off against his arch-rival, Japan's Kento Momota, as he will look to book a place in the final.