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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Making India Oxygen Sufficient- Medical oxygen plant by Absstem to avert oxygen crisis in COVID-19

Absstem's Initiative to replace oxygen cylinders with a self-generating oxygen plant in India is a revolutionary measure to avert India's oxygen shortage crisis during the critical COVID-19 times and will go a long way in reshaping our healthcare industry.

Updated: May 28, 2020 12:09:12 pm
Medical Oxygen Plants developed by Absstem helps India defeat COVID-19

The total number of COVID-19 positive cases in India has crossed the 80,000 mark and with varied testing methodologies in place, the numbers are rising incredulously each day. As India intensifies its fight against COVID-19, the frontlines and especially our healthcare professionals are delivering heroically around the clock. While high-functioning teams are responding to the immediate crisis, we are also beginning to recognize the importance of our UNSUNG HEROES– India’s healthcare providers who are just as bravely fighting the battle. Right from protective gear, medical equipment to oxygen supply, and ventilators, these providers are the backbone of our healthcare facilities, and they are also working tirelessly to deliver beyond their capacity. One such initiative that has the potential to bring exponential improvement in our healthcare system is a Medical Oxygen Plant developed by Absstem. Absstem’s Initiative to replace oxygen cylinders with a self-generating oxygen plant in India is a revolutionary measure to avert India’s oxygen shortage crisis during the critical COVID-19 times and will go a long way in reshaping our healthcare industry.

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that mainly attacks the lungs and leads to dangerously low levels of oxygen in the body. Severe respiratory conditions induced by COVID-19 make oxygen the sole support system for patients and any sort of disruption in its supply certainly adds more to the crisis. Stressing on the importance of adequate supply of oxygen during these times, Randeep Guleria, director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, at a government press conference on April 23, 2020, said “Many of the patients can be saved by giving just one treatment, that is by giving them oxygen.”, adding that the strategy of installing more oxygen beds is based on this observation. Recent reports provided by different states, however, have indicated that the states are grappling with the lack of oxygen support, adding to the list of infirmities that put our lives at great risk.

Absstem helps India fight oxygen shortage during COVID-19

MEDO installed in hospitals

The quantum of required medical oxygen supply clearly exceeds the current capacity of what the country has today, which is the primary reason why we need continuous oxygen supply. Since we cannot quantify India’s overall oxygen requirement in the coming months, hospitals must make arrangements for continuous, affordable, and contactless supply of oxygen. Currently, the oxygen supply in hospitals is either sourced through oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen which is expensive, time-consuming, and requires physical contact.  In a bid to address all these concerns, Absstem became the first startup in India to introduce a medical oxygen generator three years back- MedO, a medical oxygen generator that uses electricity to produce oxygen from atmospheric air for the entire hospital ranging from 20 beds to 1000 beds. Absstem, during the COVID-19 times, is working around the clock to fulfill India’s oxygen requirements and is fully committed to being the front runners in helping India defeat COVID-19.

Make in India Initiative

Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in his recent address to the nation highlighted the importance of local manufacturing, markets, and supply chain and mentioned how they have played a vital role in helping the nation during these critical times. Absstem‘s initiative is a ‘Make in India’ initiative that makes country oxygen-independent and elevates its stature in the world of technology.

Affordable oxygen solutions

In times when the economy has hit its worst low, Absstem plays a responsible role in ruling out the cost factor while saving lives and is even willing to provide medical oxygen plants at the lowest or minimal manufacturing cost to the worst affected government institutions. Additionally, this system produces oxygen at 1/5th the cost of an oxygen cylinder and other sources of oxygen, which makes it the most economical option for producing oxygen onsite.

Human-centric driven policies

Each medical oxygen plant installed in India is saving lives every minute which also takes us back to an appeal made by our Prime Minister to focus on human-centric driven policies. From supporting India’s global climate pledge to lower down the annual carbon footprints through sustained efforts to reaching the far-distant places of India, Absstem has stepped up to save mankind from this deadly virus. Over the past two years, Absstem has successfully installed its oxygen generator in many prominent hospitals across five different states (Delhi, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar) and far-distant rural areas of the respective states.

Alternate solutions for facilities set up only for COVID-19

The team is also working on alternate solutions for healthcare facilities set up only for COVID-19 like Portable medical oxygen plants which can be used and then transported to other locations easily. This will equip all healthcare facilities to operate with a sufficient supply of oxygen.

Contactless Delivery

MedO directly delivers oxygen to the hospital’s central oxygen supply system without any human intervention which also serves the purpose of social distancing amid the ongoing crisis. On the other hand, delivering a cylinder requires multistage sanitization starting from filling, transportation/handling, delivering, installing cylinders, replacing cylinders, etc.

Medical Oxygen PlantMedO over oxygen cylinders & liquid oxygen

The hospitals have long been accustomed to buying conventional oxygen cylinders which perfectly served their purpose till now, but this global pandemic has brought new challenges and it is only responsible if we encourage all healthcare facilities to adopt this new system. Besides manual handling and affordability, installing an oxygen plant in rural or hilly areas where either these cylinders don’t reach in time or involve a hefty transportation cost will only strengthen India’s capacity to deal with the health crisis.

Liquid Oxygen is another source of pure oxygen that requires daily refilling, a lot of space, daily safety checks, and yearly explosives audits. An oxygen plant in comparison to this runs and operates on the lowest pressure a hospital requires, making it the safest available source for generating oxygen.

Brand New Systems & Infrastructure- Foundation of New India

As we transcend towards our new lives, we must remind ourselves to embrace better solutions and technologies that will soon become the foundation of new India. While our healthcare professionals continue to risk their lives to save ours, this one initiative by Absstem will bring life to their promises and save millions of lives. So let’s make it count! It’s time to beat COVID-19 with brand new systems and better infrastructure.

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