Opting for a distinguished early education gave Mehul the wings to fly high and achieve big in life

“I’m going to help one or two boys and girls to get through college.”

Published: December 13, 2019 11:14:22 am

Born and brought up with six siblings in the small village of Janikalan, near the city of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, Mehul Kumar is a bright, soft spoken young man from a humble background. Currently a third year engineering student at National Institute of Technology (NIT), he is a member of the founding batch of VidyaGyan. Not many were aware of VidyaGyan when it was established in 2009. However, his father encouraged him to take the entrance test, which Mehul successfully cleared. VidyaGyan was a transformational experience for him. When asked what first struck him when he came to VidyaGyan, he says. “Everything.” Before joining VidyaGyan, Mehul did not have an understanding in the field of engineering or computer science.

His education and overall experience at VidyaGyan gave him the confidence of aiming for greater goals and his teachers guided him on how he could work towards achieving the same. One of his formative experiences was when he travelled alone to the USA, for the Lehigh Summer Program on Global Entrepreneurship in August 2014, selected from 200 competing candidates. Not only did this trip give him confidence, he dazzled everyone with his dancing skills, winning Best Performer on Talent Night. Mehul is completely invested in his education in Computer Science, and finds Java particularly interesting. While he had originally planned for a career in aeronautical engineering, he is now considering other options as well. Like most students at his age, he is aiming for a career that offers a fine balance between job satisfaction and financial success.

While he is working towards securing a bright future for himself, he is also conscious of the gift of education that he has received and wants to pass on the same to a few others. Over the next few years, he plans to support a select bright children from his village to help them complete their higher education. “I’ll help them get through college,” he says.

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