Inspired by the founding vision, Kirithigaa discovered her passion for education at SNU

“Where I am today stems directly from my experiences at Shiv Nadar University.”

Updated: November 6, 2019 2:29:05 pm

Kirithigaa K is a member of the founding batch of Shiv Nadar University. She was born and raised in a navy family, living in a series of coastal cities across India as she grew up. Joining Shiv Nadar University was a leap of faith for her as it was the first year of the University’s existence. But she was inspired by the founding vision. “I loved the idea of trying to create the equivalent of an Ivy League college in India.” During her four years at the University, she discovered her passion for education. Kirithigaa now works with the Central Square Foundation, on a project that is aimed at reforming the education scenario in Bihar. Her experiences at the University have given her both consciousness of her social responsibilities and the ability to address problems in a structured manner.

Her work at CSF; therefore, is a natural progression in her journey to make a difference in the education system in the country. While many have expressed frustration with the state of education in India, she points out that there has been genuine progress.

Subsequent to the passage of the Right to Education Act, access to education has seen a dramatic increase. The majority of children in the country now have access to a school. The next logical step is to improve the quality of education, through measures such as technology interventions, teacher training, and professional administrative support. These are also the areas that Kirithigaa is currently making a contribution towards.

What would she tell parents to help them understand the transformational value of education? “Education will help your child make sense of the world,”she says

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