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Sunday, October 24, 2021

What is Adhik maas/Purushottam month?

The glories of Purushottam month are innumerable and are beyond conception. A single month of devotion can award the person with all the necessities of his life and after quitting this body, he will surely ascend to the abode of the Supreme Lord Krishna.

Written by Saumyaa Vardhan | New Delhi |
Updated: May 16, 2018 2:47:58 pm
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The name, form, beauty, pastimes, paraphernalia and associates of the supreme lord are all transcendental and can reward unalloyed devotional service towards him to a sincere and humble follower. One of the items associated with are the pious months, in which his worship is especially pleasing to him, the way a father becomes happier when things dear to him are taken care of. The glories of the pious month of Kartika are known to everyone and are observed by his devotees.

The glories of Purushottam month are innumerable and are beyond conception. A single month of devotion can award the person with all the necessities of life and after quitting this body, he will surely ascend to the abode of the Supreme Lord Krishna.

The history associated with Purushottam Month

The story related with Purushottam month has been mentioned in Padma Puran and the 31st chapter of Narad Puran. It relates back to the time when 88,000 sages along with Shaunaka Rishi assembled at Naimisharanya and enquired from Sri Suta Goswami.

Srila Suta Goswami narrated the incident when Sri Narada visited the Badrikashram to meet Narayan Rishi who is an incarnation of the supreme lord. On seeing him, Narada muni offered him his respects and enquired from him in the following words.

“Oh Lord! In this material world, all living entities are busily engaged in sense gratification. They have all forgotten the ultimate goal of life. Therefore please explain something which will be helpful both for householders and sages in the renounced order like me, something that will help us attain self-realisation and return back to Godhead.”

Being pleased with him, he narrated the story which was narrated by Lord Krishna to the Pandavas while they were in exile. Since the lord was very angry with Duryodhana for his guile behaviour towards his brothers, he was ready to burn him up. He was pacified by the Pandavas and Draupadi and then, he narrated the story of Purushottama Month.

The appearance of Purushottama Month

The Purushottama month appears after every 32 months. On her appearance, the entire world rejected her and named her stool like month. No one would respect her and everyone would chase her away. She was considered to be inauspicious by the brahmanas and demigods for worship. Being completely dejected, she approached Vaikuntha Pati, Lord Vishnu and cried fervently before her. She spoke to him about her misery and plight and out of utter dejection; she asked him to kill her and thus, fainted at his lotus feet.

Being merciful to her, he asked Garuda to fan her. When she came to her senses, Lord Vishnu assured her of her deliverance and asked her to accompany him to Goloka Vrindavan, the abode of Lord Krishna. Catching hold of her hand and putting her behind him, he ascended to the abode of supreme lord, Goloka Vrindavan. When he brought her to Lord Krishna, she fell at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna and cried piteously.

On hearing her cries, the lord asked about her from Lord Vishnu, who in turn pleaded him to protect her. Lord Krishna spoke as follows:

“I shall make this poor extra month just like me in quality, fame, opulence, realization, success, and in giving benediction to devotees. This month will become equally potent to me. I am bestowing all of my divine qualities in this abused month. Named after me, this month will be famous as Purushottama month in this world.

“Oh Janardana, now that she has imbued my qualities I myself will become the husband and protector of this Purushottama month. And being equal to me, this month will be the master of all other months, now this month will become worshipable by one and all. Everyone should pay their obeisance to her, everyone should worship her. This month is equally as powerful as me to give any type of benediction to its observer. I am making this month desire-free, unlike other months, which are full of some desire or another. The worshiper of this month will be able to burn all his past sinful reactions to ashes, and after enjoying a blissful life in the material realm he will return back to Godhead.”

Spiritual regulations of Purushottama Month (Adhik maas)

Since the month has been rewarded extensively by the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the observance of the prescribed rules and regulations guarantees the observer of his achievement of shelter at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.

In his discussion, Lord Krishna spoke to Lord Vishnu about the importance of this month.

* The devotees are advised to perform their devotional service and increase their attachment to Lord Krishna by:

* Taking bath in the holy river
* Worshipping Lord Krishna by chanting Mahamantra
* Giving charity to brahmanas and his devotees
* One must rise up in the Brahma Muhurta (1.5 hours before sunrise)
* One must take bath immediately after rising
* Decorating his body with tilaka of Lord Krishna, he must chant his holy names as much as he can throughout the day.
* One must offer Tulsi to Lord Krishna
* One must worship the deities of Sri Radha Krishna with devotion and surrender
* One must not eat more than required and must not consume non-vegetarian items and intoxicants
* One must follow rules of celibacy and avoid all sorts of luxuries
* One must not use oil, onion, garlic, mustard products and other items forbidden in the worship of Lord Krishna
* One can use wheat, rice, sugar candy, sesame seeds; ginger, green leafs, banana, cucumber, rock salt, butter, ghee, curd, mango, potato etc, and should cook them without oil
* One must visit the places associated with Lord Krishna like Vrindavan, Mathura, Jagannath Puri etc.
* One must not speak lies, participate in worldly affairs, perform immoral activities and indulge in illicit deeds
* One must divert all his tendencies to the service of Lord Krishna.
* One must study scriptures and listen to Hari Katha from the lips of a pure devotee, firmly situated at his lotus feet

Ekadashi of Purushottama Month (Adhik maas)

Out of all the austerities, the fasting of Ekadashi is most dear to Lord Hari and can reward the devotees with great spiritual benefits. In scriptures, Ekadashi is termed as Hari Bhakti Janani or the mother of devotional service. The fast of Ekadashi, when observed properly, guarantees liberation from material pangs of sufferings and awards the devotee, shelter at the supreme lord’s lotus feet.

The month of Purushottama has two ekadashis, Parama and Padma Ekadashi. As per Skand Purana, the Ekadashi of the bright fortnight is termed as Padma Ekadashi and dark fortnight as Parama Ekadashi.

It is said that these Ekadashis are as potent as the ekadashis which come in the auspicious month of Kartika.

Padma Ekadashi: May 25, 2018
Parana Time (for Delhi): 5:25am to 10:00am
Parama Ekadashi: June 10, 2018
Parana Time (for Delhi): 5:22am to 10:01am

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