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Sunday, December 05, 2021

Makar Sankranti 2018: Importance, Puja Vidhi, Samagri, Procedure and Timings

Makar Sankranti 2018: On this occasion people come together and offer regard to almighty and pray for prosperity and happiness. Read further know more about the Puja Vidhi, Puja Samagri, Timings and more.

Written by Saumyaa Vardhan | New Delhi |
Updated: January 14, 2018 8:59:30 am
Makar Sankranti 2018, Makar Sankranti images, Makar Sankranti rituals, Makar Sankranti Puja Vidhi, happy makar sankranti songs, Makar Sankranti History, Makar Sankranti Wishes, makar sankranti images, Happy Makar Sankranti wishes, Makar Sankranti Celebration, Indian express Makar Sankranti is considered a great boon for the people who pray and give offerings to Lord Suryadev. The lord is believed to transits in all the 12 zodiac signs throughout the year and this is termed as Sankranti. (Designed by Rajan Sharma/Express Archive)

Makar Sankranti festival marks the transit of Lord Suryadev to the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Therefore, this holy day is revered by all Indians as the day to worship Lord Surya and ask him for his blessings. Lord Suryadev controls happiness, character, life, nature, possessions, paternal relations and many other important aspects of a person’s life. So by offering reverential respects to him, the people are blessed with a happy life. Makar Sankranti falls on January 14 every year. But this date is consistent for some 100 years or so. In the 17th century, Makar Sankranti was around January 9 and in the 27th century, it shall be around January 23. It keeps on shifting, which is contrary to the belief that it stays on the same day.

Importance of Makar Sankranti

This festival is itself in it, a great boon for the people who can pray and give offerings to Lord Suryadev on this day. As per Brahma Samhita (5.52):

yac-cakṣur eṣa savitā sakala-grahāṇāṁ
rājā samasta-sura-mūrtir aśeṣa-tejāḥ
yasyājñayā bhramati sambhṛta-kāla-cakro
govindam ādi-puruṣaṁ tam ahaṁ bhajāmi

The sun who is the king of all the planets, full of infinite effulgence, the image of the good soul, is as the eye of this world. I adore the primeval Lord Govinda in pursuance of whose order the sun performs his journey mounting the wheel of time. The sun has been adorned as the eye of the supreme person. In the Purusha Sukta (Rig Veda 10.7.14), it’s said.

chandrama manaso jataha
chakshoh suryo ajayata
mukhad indrash chagnishcha
pranadvayur ajayata

From his mind was born the moon, sun from his two eyes, Indra and Agni from his mouth and Vayu from his breath.
Since the sun god holds such an esteemed position, it is very nice on the part of the person to offer oblations and respect to him. As per the Vedic injunctions, we are advised to offer arghya to the sun daily before starting our routine. This transition has got a lot of effect on the life of the common man and therefore, this is the best time to worship and propitiate the sun god by the help of authentic mantras and powerful brahmins.

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Puja Vidhi

It comprises of Shri Kalash Sthapan, Shodashopchar Puja, Suryadev puja, Suryadev Shanti Yagya, Go puja, Ganga Puja, 1008 Surya Gayatri Japa, Brihad Aditya Hriday Strota path, Sarva Shanti Puja, Purnahuti, Homa and Visarjan.
It is advised in the shastras to feed the Brahmins and cows as well on the same day so as to get the maximum benefit out of the puja.

Puja Samagri

The puja samagris includes:

*Purified Mango wood
*Surya Shanti samagri
*Havan Samidha
*Shodash Matrika
*Orange cloth
*Surya itra
*Durva dal
*Surya yantra and so on..

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Puja timings

This year, the Shubh Muhurat for Makar Sankranti on January 14 is divided into two portions:

Punya Muhurtam: The all auspicious time is from 14:00 to 18:16.
Mahapunya Muhurtam: The highest auspicious time is from 14:00 to 14:24.

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