Pune start-up to be part of Europe’s telemedicine scene

This field of health-care allows for patient-doctor consultation through the virtual world of internet.

Written by Parthasarathi Biswas | Pune | Published: September 21, 2015 12:28:30 am

THE telemedicine revolution which is set to make its mark in Europe and US in the next few years will have a strong Pune connect in Zywie Technologies, a Pune-based product start-up which will be a platform for a large chain of hospitals, clinics and doctors, catering to a patient base of approximately 1 crore from various parts of Europe.

The brainchild of Shailendra Mathur and Zohaib Tanwir, two Pune-based software professionals, Zywie will provide the technology backbone to clinics, physical and virtual hospitals. Mathur, who has worked with software giants in the past, said the telemedicine market was pegged to breach the $50 billion mark globally by 2020. “Telemedicine is emerging to be a major health-care provider, especially in developed countries. This field of health-care allows for patient-doctor consultation through the virtual world of internet,” he said.

Mathur and Tanwir said that Zywie provided discovery of doctors, online booking of appointments, patient queue management, sharing of medical reports and other functions. The idea of the platform came to the developers as a replacement to the physically strenuous rounds to the hospitals that chronic patients have to often make. The platform allows for video-conferencing and also can be synced with smart devices.

“For doctors who have a very busy schedule, video-conferencing can be used to advise patients. For patients with chronic illnesses, this can be used to cut down on frequent visits to the hospitals,” they said. Zywie’s ability to sync with smart devices will allow patients to upload medical reports on the platform without having to go to the doctor. “For stay-at-home patients, the paramedic can use the platform to upload test results which the doctor can check later on,” they said. Aimed at clinics, chains of clinics and both virtual and physical hospitals, the founders said Zywie would allow more flexibility and ease the flow of medical advise from doctors to patients.

Tanwir said that the company has started a pilot project for a chain of virtual hospitals across the Baltic state. “This chain has more than 2,500 doctors on board and would be used by more than 1 crore patients spread across the three countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia,” he said. Talks are on for a similar implementation with another group of doctors in the United Kingdom.

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