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What Are The Common Orthopaedic Problems Seen In Children During Their Growth?

At Rainbow Children’s Hospital, we offer comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for children  with bone & joint problems. 

Common Orthopaedic Problems Seen In Children

Orthopaedic problems such as Bow legs, knock knees, in toeing gait, flat foot etc are common in children. While some subside as a child grows, some problems need treatment.

Parents must keep a tab whether the symptoms are subsiding or increasing and consult pediatric orthopedician for timely diagnosis and treatment

What are knock knees & bow legs in children?

Knock knees (genu valgum) – is when a child stands up straight and the knees touch but the ankles are apart. Bowlegs (genu varum) –  is when a child’s toes point forward, their ankles may touch but their knees remain apart.

What are the Causes  of bow legs & knock knees?


Rickets (vitamin D or calcium deficiency- kidney related)

Infection or Fracture at the growth ends around the knees

Obesity, syndromic child,  Rarely benign tumors, etc

Blount’s disease- bow legs

When should parents be concerned?

We suggest consulting a pediatric orthopedician if your child’s deformity increases over time, limps when walking, frequent fall or trouble running.

How are knock knees & bow legs diagnosed?

After examining the child, a pediatric orthopedician may advise x-ray (alignment view)of legs to help determine if an underlying condition is causing the deformity.

What are the treatments available?

Most kids do not require treatment but close monitoring at regular intervals is required. It usually corrects itself or by treating the underlying cause such as vit D deficiency. Leg braces are advised in children less than 5yrs of age.

When is surgery required?

If conservative treatment fails or delayed presentation, temporary growth arrest(hemi epiphysiodesis) can be done by placing guided growth 8 plates and removing them after deformity is corrected . Children can bear weight on their legs immediately and return to activity within a few weeks after the procedure. Corrective Osteotomy(bone cutting surgery)done  when deformity is significant and further growth of the child is absent.

Can we skip surgery or why should you get it treated?

Both lower limbs should be straight/well aligned. If not treated, underlying deformity can cause damage to knee joint (early Osteoarthritis)

At Rainbow Children’s Hospital, we offer comprehensive assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for children  with bone & joint problems.

Dr. Venkat Ram Thyalapalli, Consultant – Pediatric Orthopedician & Ilizarov Specialist, MS Ortho (OSM), Consultant Ped. Orthopaedic Surgeon And Ilizarov Specialist, Fellowship (Mumbai, Akola, Hongkong, Sicot-Greece, Russia), Rainbow Children’s Hospital, Banjara Hills

Dr. Venkat Ram Thyalapalli

Pediatric Orthopaedician & Ilizarov specialist

Rainbow Children’s Hospital

Banjara Hills

First published on: 25-11-2022 at 16:01 IST
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