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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Try these winter soup recipes to stay warm

Nothing can beat a warm bowl of soup on a cold winter evening. Indulge in these scrumptious recipes prepared from fresh and juicy vegetables.

Updated: November 29, 2018 10:19:08 am
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Soup is not only healthy and filling but also easy to make. This winter, try these delicious soup recipes,  straight from the kitchens of Gaylord, to make sure your kids get the necessary nutrients.

Broccoli & Almond Soup

Serves – 4- 6 Pax


Vegetable Stock 800ml, Broccoli 700gm, Ground Almonds Toasted 50 gm, Skimmed Milk 250ml, Salt & Freshly Ground Black Pepper to taste



Cut the broccoli in to small florets and steam for about six to eight minutes until tender.

Place the steamed broccoli, veg. stock, 40 gms of Ground Almonds, skimmed milk in a blender and process until smooth, Season with Salt & Pepper.

Pour the mixture in a pan and heat gently, Serve in bowls garnished with remaining toasted almond powder.

Cream of Almond Soup


Serves – 5 Pax


Vegetables Stock 800ml, Skimmed Milk 200ml, Toasted Powdered Almonds 100 gm, Butter 50gm, Flour 50gm, Salt & Pepper to taste, Grated Nutmeg a pinch, Almond Essence 2 or 3 drops, Toasted Almond Flakes 10gm


In a heavy bottomed sauce pan melt the butter over low heat.

Add in the flour and milk stirring continuously until a smooth roux is obtained.

Add the powdered almonds and lastly add the vegetable stock and simmer gently.

Add the seasoning & Serve hot garnished with Almond Flakes.

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Lamb & Chargrilled Bell Pepper Soup

Serves – 5 pax


Lamb Bones (preferably shank & shoulder) 750gms, Onions chopped 150gms, Celery chopped 150gms, Ginger chopped 25gms, Garlic chopped 25gms, Carrot 40 gms, Chargrilled Red/Yellow/Green Bell Peppers (quartered) 3 nos. Whole Spices Mix (Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove, Bay leaf) 60gms, Salt 20gms, Water(warm) 1l , Oil (Sunflower or Olive)60ml


Add the oil in a stock pot and saute the onion, ginger and garlic, over medium heat for a few minutes.

Add the whole spices, celery and carrots and chargrilled bell peppers along with the lamb bones.

Increase the heat and stir for a while till the bones are browned. Add the salt, stir thoroughly and pour in the warm water gradually.

Simmer the contents for an hour over low heat.

Strain through a ‘muslin’ cloth check the seasoning and serve in bowls garnished with some reserved dices of chargrilled pepper and lamb.

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