Try these eggless dessert recipes for your kids

Try these eggless dessert recipes for your kids

Make these quick eggless desserts for your kids this weekend.

eggless recipe
Make this eggless recipe for your kid.

Here are two easy-to-make eggless dessert recipes by chef Shailesh Vitthaldas Bhutada, Academy of Pastry Arts.

Strawberry and Basil fruit jelly (pate de fruit)


Stawberry Puree 318g, Basil 10g, Water 50g, Granulated sugar 33.75g, Pectin 10g, Glucose 63.75g, Granulated sugar 300g, Citric acid Solution 3g


Slice the basil and infuse with warm strawberry puree together, then add in the mixture of pectin-sugar and stir nicely and strain it.

After mix up everything, add in the glucose and granulated sugar and bring the mixture to 107 degrees Celsius.


Remove from fire and add in the citric acid solution.

Set in the frame or silicon mould.

Once set cover with sugar.

mango baked yogurt
Mango baked yogurt

Mango baked yogurt


200gm Hung curd, 125gm sweetened condensed milk, 175gm fresh cream, 1 number alphonso Mango, 50 gm white chocolate, 100gm mango pulp, 10 gm pistachio flakes, fresh mint for garnish


Cut the mango in small cubes and mix with little mango pulp.

Add in heat proof glasses as base and keep it aside.

Mix the yogurt and add condensed milk, cream.

Pour this mixture in glasses.

Bake at 150 degrees Celsius for 10-12 mins. Cool it down in refrigerator for two hours.

Garnish with mango pulp, white chocolate flaks, pistachio and fresh mint.