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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

How to make learning a positive experience for kids

It is important to understand that excellent grades are not the be all and end all of academics. It is important to have an understanding of the subjects and enjoy them.

Updated: March 6, 2019 10:54:03 am
child education learning Praise your child’s effort. (Source: Getty Images)

By Minal Anand

In today’s highly competitive world, everyone wants their child to be successful. While parenting styles have changed a lot over the years and differ from person to person, what remains common is that all parents want the best for their children. Experts tell us that healthy competition is an essential force to maintain productivity and effectiveness. Further, experts suggest that it’s best to transform a child’s natural competitive trait into a highly effective performance.

Here are some tips to raise successful kids:

Leverage the online experience to ease learning

Children are tech savvy at a very young age. From using social media to connect with friends, to downloading movies and the latest apps, children spend a huge amount of their time online. As a parent, instead of worrying about how much time they are spending online, think more about what they do when they are online. As a supplement to classroom learning, online education has come a long way in just a few years. It can provide several advantages like learning from the comfort of a home, flexible scheduling of work, a competitive edge, interactive and customised learning, etc.

Teach them to make the best use of their time

One of the most common complaints that parents have is that their kids get too much work from school. However, truth be told, school work isn’t as much as it is perceived. It just feels too much because children try to do this work amid a lot of other distractions like social media, TV etc. Children are constantly transitioning and refocusing between tasks, which is why they take significantly longer to complete the homework than required. The solution is not to take away these distractions but to permit dedicated time for these activities. Children can spend time doing what they enjoy the most for a defined period of time, after which they must dedicate time for school work by putting the phone away and disabling other technology. Even though it takes serious discipline on the parent’s part as well as the children, this leads to better results.

online learning child education Encourage kids to enroll in online learning websites. (Source: Getty Images)

Focus better with online learning

Many parents focus on asking their children to memorise formulas, theorems or even dates. But instead of forcing them to follow the rote method of learning, it is good to encourage them to enroll in online learning websites and apps. Most of these provide the best learning resources and methods to help the child develop a nuanced perspective. Online tutoring can help children discover more interesting methods rather than simply hammering facts into their heads.

Appreciate their hard work instead of calling them smart

Research says that how you praise kids can have a significant impact on their performance. Students who are termed smart might see a slight dip in their performance, while students who are praised for trying hard would be motivated to perform better. Hence, the right way is to praise your child’s effort instead of calling them smart or praising them for getting a good grade.

Worry less about grades

Parents often end up putting tremendous pressure on their kids to get good grades in every subject. This can lead to immense stress and frustration for the student. It is important to understand that excellent grades are not the be all and end all of academics. It is important to have an understanding of the subjects and enjoy them. Online learning methods have some great options to ensure that children learn the right things with the right methods while enjoying the process with innovative educational resources.

Select the right tutors

Sending your children to coaching classes is a good way to supplement classroom learning. However, it can often put pressure on you as a parent to schedule the drop-offs and pick-ups for classes. Children will also end up spending a considerable amount of time travelling. You may also worry about the safety of your child in case of personal tuitions. This is where the idea of online learning fits perfectly in selecting the right tutor. Online tutoring websites may be able to provide parents and students with proficient tutors.

Parents today must ensure that their children are ready to face a competitive world and are successful in their own way. Modern technology has ensured that they find several ways and means to aid this process. Methods like online learning are great ways for children to enjoy the process of learning while effectively managing their time and completing assignments at their scheduled time.

(The writer is Founder & CEO, GuruQ.)

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