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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Independence Day 2019 Speech Ideas: 7 tips for kids

Independence Day 2019: To mark the 73rd year of Independence, help your child write an informative and thoughtful speech by keeping these tips in mind.

By: Parenting Desk | Updated: August 14, 2019 3:38:41 pm
independence day 2019 Independence Day 2019: Explain the meaning of freedom to kids

Independence Day Speech: Another year of Independence is here, which means your child may now have been asked to write a speech to mark the 73rd year of freedom. So, how do you help your child write a speech that is both unique and heartwarming? On this occasion, we bring you some tips on your kids can prepare a good Independence Day speech.

1. Research well

Before writing the speech, get your child to read books on the history of independence of India, not just political but how colonialism shaped the country overall. Get your child to note down the important events, from the Sepoy Mutiny to Satyagraha, for them to be incorporated in the speech.

2. Explain the idea of independence

Just reading the history is not enough. Nidhi Arora, who runs a children’s newspaper The Children’s Post, told Express Parenting that parents need to explain the meaning of independence to children. “I told my son you cannot imagine independence if you have not experienced slavery. You will not know what it is to be self-governed. So, imagine yourself in a place where you don’t make any of the rules. The land belongs to you but you can’t even unfurl your own flag. If you imagine a world not of today but of the one in 1936, you will understand why independence is so important.”

3. Make the speech contemporary

In today’s day and age, children may not be able to relate to the freedom movement and the struggles so much. So, it is always better to encourage your child to talk in the speech about what patriotism and the country means to him or her personally, Nidhi believes.

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4. Create a structure for the speech

Once the concept for the speech has been thought out, it is time to create a brief outline, which is, to figure out how to frame the introduction, body and conclusion for the speech. The child can begin by addressing the audience including the principal and the teachers and congratulate them on the 73rd year of independence. The main body of the speech can be focussed on your child’s view of independence by linking it to the actual history, followed by the conclusion upholding the importance of freedom.

5. Add quotes

You can help your child choose some famous quotes by important leaders like Gandhi, poets and writers of the pre-Independence era, as per its relevance to the speech.

6. Time your speech

Once the speech is ready, edit and time your speech as specified by the school. Make sure the speech is not too lengthy, repetitive or boring.

7. Rehearse

Rehearsing the speech multiple times will boost your child’s confidence and improve speech delivery skills, while ensuring the speech does not exceed way beyond the stipulated time. Practice enough to ensure your child has the right body language while speaking.

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