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Happy Holi 2019: Seven books on the festival of colours for kids

Holi 2019: On this day, tell you kids about the myths associated with the festival and its cultural significance through these books.

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Holi 2019: Get your kids to read these books

On the occasion of Holi, teach your kids about the festival and why it is celebrated through these children’s books:

Celebrate Holi With Me! by Shoumi Sen (Age: 5+)

In this book, a girl named Riya and her friends learn about Prahlad and the myths associated with Holi, in a way that is easy for young readers to understand.

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Amma, Tell Me About Holi! by Bhakti Mathur (Age: 4+)

A part of the informative “Amma Tell Me” book series by Mathur, this book introduces the festival of Holi to young readers, oin a fun and non-preachy way.

Let’s Celebrate Holi! by Ajanta Chakraborty and Vivek Kumar (Age: 3+)

This book follows the story of Maya, Neel and their pet squirrel Chintu as they visit their cousin Ameya in India to celebrate Holi. Through this book, kids can learn about the significant cultural elements of Holi.

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Holi, the Festival of Colors (Shalu) by Nick Sharma (Age: 5+)

This book is about Shalu, who tries ot befriend Preey, a new girl in school. But they are not alike and have completely different preferences. The girls learn the true meaning of friendship as they celebrate the festival of colours, Holi.

Festival of Colors by Surishtha Sehgal and Kabir Sehgal (Age: 3+)

The book narrates the story of siblings Mintoo and Chintoo who gather flowers to make natural Holi colours to celebrate the festival. The book offers an engaging take on friendship, forgiveness and having fun.

Dev and Ollie: Colour Carnival by Shweta Aggarwal (Age: 3+)

In this book, the main characters Dev and Ollie, a wise old owl, arrive in India to celebrate Holi. Dev, however, does not like getting mucky. The book teaches children about the cultural significance of the festival with sensitivity, wit and simplicity.

Celebrate!: Holi

This book brings a host of interesting stories on Holi with a magical set of characters and settings to help readers understand and relate to the festival of colours more.