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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Ganesh Chaturthi: Make this DIY Ganesh craft with your child

Ganesh Chaturthi: Decorate the wall-hanging using self-adhesive pearl strings. Make eyes for Ganesha with black pearl and do not forget the delicious laddoo!

Updated: October 16, 2018 12:37:43 pm
Ganesh Chaturthi 2018: Celebrate the festival by helping your kid make this craft.

Ganesha Chaturthi 2018: Help your child make this Ganesha wall-hanging.

By Vaishali Khandwala

Crafting is a form of celebration through creativity and I always say, ‘Create, Express, Enjoy!’ Today’s creation is to celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi with a Ganesha wall-hanging to adorn your homes for the Ganpati festival.

Here is a step-wise tutorial of the wall decor piece that is made using paper quilling craft technique and some simple materials.

List of basic materials:

A piece of mount board, 5 x 5 inch in size

Craft foam sheet (purple or any colour of your choice)

Small piece of golden net fabric

Quilling strips (any three colours of your choice. I have taken yellow, maroon and fluorescent green)

Small piece of golden craft foam sheet for decoration

Self-adhesive pearls to decorate

Small piece of ribbon for hanging

Scissors, glue and cello tape


Step 1

Take a piece of mount board. Cut it to the size 5 x 5 inch. This is the overall size of the wall-hanging. You can make a bigger one as well. However, this is an appropriate size for small children to work with.

Now cut a piece from purple craft foam sheet of the same size, 5×5 inch, and adhere it to the mount board. You can use a strong glue to do so.

Tip: Silicon glue from Itsy Bitsy is very helpful to stick different materials with ease. It is convenient and safe to use for children.

I have used a purple colour craft  foam sheet. You can use any colour of your choice. Before adhering the foam on mountboard piece, tape a small piece of ribbon between them, as shown in the picture above. This will help in hanging the piece.

Step 2

Now cover this piece with a golden colour net fabric, as shown in the picture.

The next step is to attach a paper quilling Ganesha on this backdrop. A little about the paper quilling craft:

Paper Quilling is an art form that involves using paper strips of different colours, width and length. Paper strips are rolled, using a quilling tool to make various shapes like a coil, teardrop, scroll, marquis, heart, etc. These shapes are further assembled to create forms of flowers, birds, animals, etc. These are attached on different bases for decoration or to make cards, wall-hangings, 3D miniatures…the possibilities are infinite.

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How to use the quilling tool?

A quilling tool has a needle-like structure at the tip, which comes with a slit. One end of the paper strip is inserted in this slit and rolled around the needle to make a coil, which can be kept tight or loosened. Once loosened, it can be pressed further with the hand to get different shapes. Once the desired shape is got, the open end of strip is sealed with glue. Hope this helps.

Children enjoy this craft technique. Once they learn to roll the paper strips to make basic shapes, they can create simple yet beautiful forms. The quilling strips and tool are easily available in good stationery or craft stores. They are not expensive either.

Here, we will use quilled shapes to make the form of Lord Ganesha. Have a look.

Step 3

First, take the yellow quilling strip. Using a quilling tool, make two coil shapes—one big and one small. The smaller one will be the head of Ganesha and the bigger one will make the lower body.

I have rolled one paper strip to make a small coil. To make the coil bigger, roll more strips over it. This method is easier for children.

You will need around 6 to 7 quilling strips for the smaller coil (head) and 10-11 strips for the bigger coil (body). Once the coils are ready, attach them to the base as shown in the picture below.

Step 4

Now using the maroon quilling strips, make teardrop shapes. Smaller teardrop shapes make the ears of Ganesha and the bigger ones make the legs. As mentioned earlier, the teardrop shape is made by loosening the basic coil shape and pressing by hand on one end. Only one quilling strip is required for each teardrop shape. Also make the trunk for Ganesha and attach all the shapes as shown below.

Step 5

Make the crown and hands for Ganesha, again using teardrop shapes. Adhere them as shown.

Step 6

Add some golden foam pieces to create a seat for Ganesha.

Step 7

Decorate the wall-hanging further, using self-adhesive pearl strings. Make eyes for Ganesha with black pearl and do not forget the delicious laddoo!

Also use some green, quilling paper strips to make a tassel and attach it at the lower end of the hanging.

This is what your wall-hanging will finally look like. 

Hope you will enjoy making this one with your children and add fun to your festivities.

What children learn through this activity

2. About Ganesha and the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi.

2. Exploring a new craft technique, Paper Quilling, and using it in different ways.

3. Knowing different shapes.

4. Exploring different materials and using them in a unique way.

5. Understanding and creating three-dimensional objects.

6. Involves basic crafting skills like cutting, pasting, which improve gross motor skills.

(The writer is an architect, freelance crafter and founder of Craft Express. Follow her on Facebook and on Instagram @vaishali.craftexpress. She blogs at

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