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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Father’s Day 2019: These children’s books make great gifts for dads and kids

Happy Father's Day: Gift a dad you love with a pick of these children's books, which include delightful picture books that can be read aloud to younger kids for some special bonding.

By: Parenting Desk | Updated: June 15, 2019 12:00:12 pm
fathers day, fathers day 2019, childrens books Enjoy Father’s Day with these books.

Happy Father’s Day: These books make great reading as well as great gifts for fathers and kids to read together.

Giggi and Daddy by Richa Jha, illustrated by Mithila Ananth (Age: 4+)

This heartfelt about a dad trying to impress his little daughter is something every parent and child is sure to enjoy together, over a lot of chuckles. In this book, daddy tells a disbelieving Giggi how she grew inside his pocket and finally popped out, after some twisting and turning, sending her mother into a fainting spell. Be ready for a lot more of such tall tales in this endearing story of daddy-daughter love.

Machher Jhol: Fish Curry by Richa Jha, illustrated by Sumanta Dey (Age: 4+)

In this beautifully illustrated evocative book that brings alive the city of Kolkata, visually impaired Gopu has to navigate the markets and traffic on his own to fetch Baba’s favourite fish curry from his grandma’s house. Does he succeed?

Pops! by Balaji Venkataramanan (Age: 9+)

Seven-year-old Arun seems to have the perfect father, who never gets angry and buys him toys and chocolates, except it’s not real. Arun has never met his dad, till a court order ensures there are regular visits to the man who he now has to call Pop. While Arun is scared and angry, his grandparents are worried he might try to take him away from his mom. Can the father-son create a bond?

Dad By My Side by Soosh (Age: 3+)

This wonderful celebration of a larger-than-life father bonding with his daughter was first seen as an Instagram series from Soosh. She shares illustrations that all parents will delight in, from playing pretend games to dealing with monsters under the bed.

Made for Me by Zack Bush, illustrated by Gregorio De Lauretis (Age: 3+)

This unapologetically mushy picture book is a record of all the joys of fatherhood, from the moment the child first took her first step. Sample a rhyme from the book, “Of all the children that ever could be | You are the one made just for me.” The perfect read for Father’s Day.

I Love Dad with the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle (Age: 3+)

“Dad, you’re easy to talk to, even when I am feeling prickly.” That’s a great dad right there! Coming from iconic children’s writer Eric Carle, you can’t go wrong, with this book that features colourful artwork of animal fathers and babies.

Why a Daughter Needs a Dad by Gregory Lang, illustrated by Sydney Hanson (Age: 3+)

This picture book is about all the reasons why a child needs her dad as she grows, capturing little moments through rhyme and illustrations. A perfect read on Father’s Day or any other day.

Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA by Jimmy Fallon (Age: 1+)

Meant for babies, this picture book is about a dad’s valiant effort to get his child’s first word to be ‘Dada’. Does he succeed? Join him on this adventure, with some animals for company within the pages.

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