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Sunday, December 05, 2021

DIY Craft: Make a rainy day mobile

It’s rainy season in most parts of India and it would be great fun to create this rain theme mobile. So let’s get started!

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Updated: October 16, 2018 12:31:52 pm
diy for kids Stuck indoors? Try this rainy day DIY

It’s the rainy season in most parts of India and it would be great fun to create this rain theme mobile. So let’s get started!

By Vaishali Khandwala

Crafting is a form of expression and I believe in “Create, Express, Enjoy!” When it comes to craft for children, I like to design activities, where they get to explore various materials. Here is one such DIY that can be done with easy to source materials.

Basic materials needed:

Mount board | Light blue and dark blue chart papers | Grey felt piece | Threads / strings. You can use ones made of paper as well, known as Paper Raffia. | Sketch pens or oil pastels of 7 rainbow colours | Cupcake liners | Pipe cleaners | A pair of scissors | Glue

We are creating a mobile to decorate a child’s room. It will be a great idea to suspend it from the ceiling or else you can hang it on the wall as well. First, you will have to make all the elements and then later assemble them all together. Each element of the mobile describes the rainy season—dark clouds, rain drops, umbrellas, rainbows! In this way, children will learn about the rainy season through craft.

Step 1

First, cut two pieces from a mount board, using a pair of scissors. Adults can assist younger children with this. One piece is rectangular—11 inch x 3 inch and the other is a semi circle of 5 inch diameter.

Step 2

Colour the semi-circular piece of mount board with seven colours of the rainbow as shown in the picture. Children can use sketch pens or oil pastels to do so. The order of rainbow colours, when referred as VIBGYOR is easy to remember.

V – Violet | I- Indigo | B- Blue | G- Green | Y- Yellow | O- Orange | R- Red

Step 3

Cut three cloud shapes from a piece of grey felt. These would be our dark, rain clouds. In case you do not get felt, you can use any grey paper. However, using felt enables the children to explore a new material.

Step 4

With dark clouds covering the sky, it’s time to gear up for the rains…it’s time to create umbrellas!

An easy way to make umbrellas is to use cupcake liners. Use two liners to make one umbrella so that it’s not very flimsy. Make a hole with a bamboo skewer in the centre of the liner and insert a pipe-cleaner. Bend the pipe-cleaner to form the alphabet ‘J’; this will be umbrella’s handle.

Tip: Pipe-cleaners come in different colours and are easy to bend. Many shapes and characters can be made with them. Do get some for your children. They will enjoy exploring possibilities with them. They are easily available in any good craft or stationery store.

Cupcake liners or muffin liners are available in any baking or party goods supply store. In case you do not find them, umbrellas can also be made with chart papers. Cut a circle of appropriate size, give a slit up to the centre and make a cone shape. Insert a pipe-cleaner or toothpick for the handle.

Step 5

Now is the time to make raindrops. First, cut a shape of raindrop on a piece of light blue chart paper. Each raindrop piece is approximately of 3 inch height and 1.5 inch width at the base. You will need four pieces to make one 3D raindrop. Follow the pictures below to make 3D raindrops. It’s a kind of origami theme.

Step 6

Once all the elements are ready, it’s time to assemble them to make the mobile.

Cover the rectangular piece of mount board with dark blue chart paper and cut to the same size as the mount board piece. Attach the rainbow piece from the back. Give the rainbow piece a loop for hanging.

Now glue three threads / strings to the rectangular piece. Use a longer string (of approximately 12-inch length) in the centre and shorter ones (of approximately 9-inch length) on either side.

Paste the felt clouds on the blue rectangular piece as shown in the image below, covering the ends of strings.

Next, attach the raindrops. As explained earlier, glue two pieces with string in the centre to form one 3D raindrop. You can have two 3D raindrops on a longer string and one 3D raindrop on the shorter ones.

At the end of each string, attach an umbrella. Just need to tie the thread at the end of the pipe-cleaner for this. You can hide the knot by gluing a bead.

This is how the mobile will look after assembling all the elements. I have inserted some colourful beads to make it look even more interesting. If you wish to do so as well, pass them through the string, before pasting each raindrop and before tying the umbrella. I also drew some thunder with silver glitter pen around the clouds, on the dark blue sky. Younger kids may not be able to make 3D raindrops, so they can just paste the raindrop shapes on either side of string.

Hope you liked this DIY Rainy Day Mobile. It’s a fun activity with young children, especially on a rainy day, creating and enjoying together indoors.

Learning for children through this activity:

  • All about a rainy day: How it rains, umbrellas to protect us, how is a rainbow formed, colours of the rainbow.
  • Colouring exercise: How to colour a rainbow.
  • Knowing different shapes.
  • Exploring different materials and using them in a unique way.
  • Understanding and creating 3 dimension objects.
  • Involves basic crafting skills like cutting, pasting, tying, beading, etc, which improve gross motor skills.

(The writer is an architect, freelance crafter and founder of Craft Express. Follow her on Facebook and on Instagram @vaishali.craftexpress.)

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