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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Becoming a father? Check out these 12 pregnancy books for dads-to-be

Sleepless, confused and wondering how to help your partner through her pregnancy journey? These books can guide fathers-to-be through the nine months that matter, till you bring your baby home.

By: Parenting Desk | Updated: February 8, 2019 2:04:14 pm
pregnancy books, tips for dads Practical tips for dads-to-be!

Calm those nerves with these books aimed at expecting fathers as they support the moms-to-be in their pregnancy journey.

Expecting Daddy Delivers: Be the Man Your Partner and Your Baby Adore by Rakhi Kapoor

A physiotherapist and childbirth educationist, Rakhi Kapoor’s book for expecting dads helps men understand what their partners are going through and support moms-to-be in their journey, instead of feeling helpless.

The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-to-Be by Armin A Brott and Jennifer Ash

Written by a dad, it offers a monthly breakdown of the pregnancy process, ending with labour and delivery. The book packs in a lot of information, including facts on what to do in an emergency, in a humorous and readable tone.

The Expectant Dad’s Survival Guide: Everything You Need to Know by Rob Kemp

Each day comes with fresh challenges when you’re pregnant, for men and women both. Get acquainted with what your partner is experiencing as she prepares for childbirth, with first-hand accounts and expert tips from midwives, psychologists and obstetricians.

It’s a Dad!: Every Man’s Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Becoming a Father by Craig Wilkinson and Martinique Wilkinson

Fatherhood is a joyous occasion, but it also comes with challenges, starting from the moment your partner announces her pregnancy. From labour to birth and coping with the demands of a newborn, this practical guide from the South African founder of Father A Nation (FAN)will take you through the paces.

Dad’s Expecting Too by Harlan Cohen

Expectant fathers, mothers, new dads and new moms share advice and stories in this witty and informative guide, taking you through pregnancy news to bringing home your baby. Learn about weekly developments of the foetus, how to provide emotional support to your partner, feeding the baby and more.

Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad!: How to Get (Both of You) Through the Next 9 Months by John Pfeiffer

No, you’re not going to look stupid (if that’s what you fear) as your partner goes through her pregnancy, with this guide to what a guy can do during the nine months that count. He knows what he’s talking about, having been through the morning sickness, doctor visits or choosing the car-seat cover.

The New Dad Dictionary: Everything He Really Needs to Know – from A to Z by Chris Illuminati

Get a crash course in parenting techniques and theories as you get familiar with terms like engorgement, cluster feedings, meconium and independent play.

The Birth Guy’s Go-To Guide for New Dads: How to Support Your Partner Through Birth, Breastfeeding, and Beyond by Brian W Salmon and Kirsten Brunner

A great gift for dads-to-be, this book by doula and certified lactation consultant Brian Salmon and perinatal mental health and relationship expert Kirsten Brunner offers practical survival tips for parents. As fathers get more participative in the birth process, this guide based on the author’s Rocking Dads childbirth course helps you prepare for what lies ahead. Get ready to learn “Jedi communication skills” to support the mom-to-be during early labour pains.

Pregnancy for Dads-to-Be: The Essential Pocket Handbook to the First Nine Months of Fatherhood and Beyond by Adam Carpenter

A new baby is on the way and you’re bound to be a bit nervous. Calm those nerves with practical tips that help you plan for your most exciting journey yet. Learn about preparing your partner for pregnancy, birth and beyond, besides life with a newborn.

pregnancy books, tips for dads Books for expecting dads.

Don’t Just Stand There: How to Be Helpful, Clued-In, Supportive, Engaged, Meaningful, and Relevant in the Delivery Room by Elissa Stein and Jon Lichtenstein

The husband-wife duo holds your hand through the pregnancy journey to the big day, giving dads a clear roadmap on what to say and what not to. The lighthearted guide packs in a lot of information in a handy pocketbook.

We’re Pregnant! The First Time Dad’s Pregnancy Handbook by Adrian Kulp

Terrified? Don’t be. This book offers to hold your hand as you prepare for fatherhood, giving you real world advice on navigating your partner’s pregnancy needs during pregnancy and the first few months of your infant’s life.

The Reluctant Father by Phillip Toledano

Sleepless and confused? That’s how new dads feel, usually. The author, who embraced fatherhood aged 40, took time falling in love with his daughter. In The Reluctant Father, we learn of his journey through a candid and emotional account.

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