Pregnant? Watch out for these skin problems in summer

Pregnant? Watch out for these skin problems in summer

There are several skin problems that a pregnant woman can encounter during summers. Here are some summer-related skin problems along with their remedies.

pregnancy skin problems
The skin tends to become extremely delicate during pregnancy. (Source: Getty Images)

By Dr Nivedita Dadu

The summer sun is out and its harmful ultra violet rays are set to cast a detrimental effect on our skin. Pregnancy is a time when the exposure to the ultraviolet rays is a complete no. The skin tends to become extremely delicate and often undergoes several changes during pregnancy, because of higher hormone levels.

These problems necessitate extra care and nourishment of the skin in summers because these ultraviolet rays rupture the cells and tissues of our skin making it vulnerable. It weakens the immune system which is also dangerous for the health of the baby while augmenting the threat of skin cancers and several other problems. There are several skin problems that a pregnant woman can encounter during summers. Here are some summer-related skin problems along with their remedies:

Hyper Pigmentation

Many pregnant women experience pigmentation on their skin. The patches of dark spots on the skin can be a result of sun exposure or also, due to fluctuation in the hormones. These can be infuriating for the prospective mother and can be seen on arms, abdomens, legs and even on the face.


Cure: An expecting mother should always wear breathable and lightweight fabrics. She must also avoid the use of soap on skin that has PUPPP and avoid the exposure to sun.

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Excessive sweating and increased moisture content in the environment often result in heat rashes. Rashes are usually formed because of clogged sweat ducts on the tendons and between the thighs. The extra weight during pregnancy accumulates additional fat on the folds, which results in obstruction of sweat ducts resulting in greater rashes.

Cure: It is always advised to use creams and medicated powders during summers to prevent rashes. Also, always wear breathable fabrics like cotton and linen to ensure that your sweat ducts are not clogged. Wear loose cotton dresses and enjoy your pregnancy in summers.


During summers, one tends to experience more sweat which in turn results in unwanted breakouts and acne. The sweat glands are more active during the summers which make it essential to control the production of sebaceous glands. The increase moistness on the skin clogs the pores of the skin and leads to extensive acne on the skin.

Cure: It is very essential to keep washing your face at regular intervals throughout the day as this shall control the sebum production and prevent unnecessary clogging. Along with this, one should apply homemade facial packs with ingredients such as turmeric and curd.

Dry and irritated skin

Pregnancy comes along with various changes in the skin. Going for swims, spending most of the time in air-conditioned environments and prolonged exposure to the sun during summers results in the skin being dry, irritated and unhealthy. It extracts the natural oils and nourishment while leaving it dehydrated.

Cure: It is always advised to shampoo after swimming. Along with this, try minimising the time you spend in air-conditioning. Drink plenty of water and consume fruits like watermelon and musk melons. Always use a mild cleanser and nourish your skin with a good moisturiser.


Suntan happens due to the constant and prolonged exposure to sun rays. The damaging rays of the sun cause tanning and uneven skin tone. Its severe form is known as the sunburn which often results in unwanted redness, pain and itchiness. These sunburns can even result in skin cancer, which is why expecting mothers should beware.

Cure: It is always advised to apply sunscreen on your skin. Sunscreen acts as a protective shield on the skin and substantially safeguards the skin from the harmful effects of the sun rays. Also, take a shower with cold water to avoid sunburns.

Body odour

There is an upsurge in our body odour during summer due to sweating. Due to the moistness in sweat, these bacteria produce hydrogen sulphide, which gives rise to body odour. Bacteria foster this secretion to harvest fatty acids, which also has an unpleasant smell.

Cure: Go for regular baths and use anti-allergic or anti-fungal talcum. Wear clean and breathable undergarments. One can also use a deodorant.

Pregnancy is a phase of life that comes with a lot of happiness but it comes with a lot of responsibilities too. The expecting mothers should essentially take proper care of their skin and ensure that it is healthy, cleansed and optimally hydrated throughout the day. They must wear breathable materials and comfortable clothing to sail through a happy pregnancy.

(The writer is Founder and Chairman, Dr. Nivedita Dadu’s Dematology Clinic.)


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