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Monday, April 19, 2021

Meditation can channel kids’ energies positively for emotional well-being

In today's day and time, children undergo a lot of stress as a result of peer pressure, performance pressure, etc. That's where meditation can do wonders for your child.

Updated: September 24, 2019 6:25:24 pm
meditation Meditation can also boost a child’s immunity. (Source: Getty Images)

By Pinky Daga

As children, most of us never practiced meditation. To say the least, we believed it was an adult thing. Sitting still in one position with your eyes shut and focus centered to one point never seemed a child’s activity. But at the juncture that I am at now, I know that it is, in every way possible, a thing that every child ought to follow. Today, my children make it a point to meditate regularly. Perhaps, they’re the ones telling me that it is an integral part of the day for them too.

Meditation has gobs of benefits (that’s no news!). Can you believe that you literally reach your goals almost definitely if you meditate towards it daily? In other words, meditation cultivates a force in you and makes sure that you use your energy levels to the fullest.

Meditation and positive energy

Don’t know how your energies are related to meditation? Here’s the key – meditation helps in tapping the best regions of your brain, thereby helping in brain synchronisation. Getting slightly complicated? We break it down for you!

Meditation helps you with concentration

The very act of meditation is about improving your concentration and making you more attentive. That’s why we believe it is great to get your kids enrolled for meditation as soon as you can.

Meditation helps you in handling stress better

In today’s day and time, children undergo a lot of stress as a result of peer pressure, performance pressure, etc. That’s where meditation can do wonders for your child.

Meditation can help you with boosting your immunity

According to various studies, a meditation routine can help in amping up your immune system and create lasting changes in your brain cells. It helps in building your immune system by inducing positivity in your body and mind. For your kids, this will be a real boon.

If you leave your child on a beach, there are multiple things that they would do. One of the most obvious things is to play with the sand. As children, there are no staple patterns set for them. They go with the flow, let go of things easily and are always their truer self. That’s the first key to using your energy positively. When you let go of the layers that you live in, you start embracing your truest form and that in itself is a great way to positive energy. That’s where meditation comes into play.

Balancing emotions is something that meditation can help your toddler with. Kids who meditate regularly face fewer psychological issues like fear, anxiety, etc, because they are already equipped with their solutions.

Embracing change and not getting too irritated about it are traits that every child inherently possesses. That’s the stillness you must tap into, in order to get positive energy. When you haven’t been exposed to anything negative, you automatically fix your focus on positive things. Meditation can help you with this as well.

The times today are all about outdoing oneself. Out-performance is a result of working in tangent with your own self and creating a positive environment around you! The earlier your kids start meditating, the better it is for them in the longer run.

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(The writer is CEO, Thriive Art & Soul.)

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