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Saturday, April 04, 2020

How to get kids to drink more water: Follow these 6 fun tricks

How to get kids to drink more water: These simple tricks will ensure you don't end up forcing your child but encourage them in a way that they drink enough water on their own.

By: Parenting Desk | Published: May 29, 2019 12:56:01 pm
drinking water, summer, water Get your child to drink enough water.

How to get your child to drink more water: This summer, make sure your child drinks enough water to keep their bodies hydrated. In case your child refuses, here are some easy and fun tricks you can follow to encourage your little one:

1. Choose a special cup/glass

Next time you go shopping, get your child to pick a cup or glass of his or her choice, telling them they can use it only for drinking water. Leave the special cup within your child’s reach so that they can drink more water.

2. Personalise

You can also allow your child to decorate the drinking cup or glass with pictures and stickers, encouraging him or her to use it more and drink more water therefore.

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3. Play a game

Children usually love to play games. So, to get your child to drink water, you can challenge him or her to drink up to a certain level of the glass or cup.

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4. Teach them to drink water on their own

Teach your child to fill their cup or glass of water on their own. This means, you need to keep the dispenser or bottle or jug at a place accessible to your child.

5. Add fruits

Add some citrus slices or some berries in the glass to give the water a good flavour without adding any unwanted sugar.

6. Lead by example

Children follow by example. So, if you want your child to drink more water, you need to follow the same. And while you do it, show them how much you like drinking water.

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