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How does yoga help males and females boost fertility?

Yoga is one approach to improve fertility and achieve better results when undergoing treatment. It is more than just a physical workout.

Yoga help males and females boost fertility, boost fertility by Yoga, how to boost fertility by Yoga, boost fertility in men by Yoga, boost fertility in women by Yoga, how to boost fertility in women by Yoga, how to boost fertility in men by YogaYoga can help men and women by boosting fertility. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

By Dr Parul Agrawal

Infertility is a problem of global proportions and has been recognised as a public health issue worldwide. If the couple is not able to conceive, it takes a major toll on their mental and physical health.

There are many factors responsible for infertility and besides pursuing treatment under the guidance of the doctor, there are many risk factors that can be negated by adopting a certain lifestyle. It has been well-documented that lifestyle factors, including age when starting a family, nutrition, weight management, exercise, psychological stress, cigarette smoking, recreational and prescription drug use, alcohol and caffeine consumption, environmental and occupational exposures to chemicals, preventive care and other behaviours are modifiable and may impact fertility.

Couples who wish to get good results should adopt healthy eating habits, avoid any kind of addiction, maintain an ideal weight and keep the stress at bay.

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Integrating yoga with modern science for enhanced benefits

Yoga practice is one way of improving fertility and getting a better outcome while undergoing fertility treatment. Yoga is very useful for preserving and maintaining one’s physical and mental health and also for spiritual evolution. More than physical exercise, it has a meditative and spiritual core.

The practice of meditation and relaxation can help increase the clarity of mind, diminishes anxiety, maintain healthy body chemistry. (Photo: Canva)

How does Yoga help?


Why is it so important to treat stress in infertility?


Benefits of yoga in women

Yoga asanas to follow :

Studies have shown that YOGA could decrease distress in women before they started their first IVF cycle. In women who become pregnant via IVF, yoga decreases stress, anxiety and labour pain and increases delivery confidence.

  1. Reduce hypertensive related pregnancies

  2. Improves foetal outcome

  3. Increase infant birth weight

  4. Decrease intrauterine growth retardation

  5. Reduce the rate of assisted vaginal deliveries.

Benefits of Yoga in men


The reviewed studies provide evidence that yoga can help couples overcome infertility and improve ART success rate by reducing anxiety and depression, decreasing stress, regulating hormonal secretions, improving the quality of life and increasing the fertility rate. One should adopt Yoga as it brings harmony in all walks of life.

(The writer is Senior Fertility and IVF consultant at Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Noida)

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First published on: 07-07-2021 at 18:21 IST
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