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Expecting twins? Here are tips from a gynaecologist

“A high-risk pregnancy isn't necessarily dangerous or something to worry about", said Dr Sharmila Solanki

twin-babies-pexelsRead on to know more about what to do when you're expecting twins. (Source: Pexels)

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey experienced by women. A road full of learning experiences, emotions and challenges, motherhood is something you ought to be prepared for. Having twins not only comes like a surprise for expecting parents but can also increase the chances of high-risk pregnancy.

“A high-risk pregnancy isn’t necessarily dangerous or something to worry about. Of course, a few things can be shocking” said Dr Sharmila Solanki, Consultant ,Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Manipal Hospital, Gurugram. She suggested some essential tips that can make things easier.

twins-pexels Check out these helpful tips on raising twins. (Source: Pexels)

Eat 3 healthy meals a day

A healthy diet solves a host of concerns and takes care of necessary nutritional requirements. “Pregnant women need extra energy for their twins. It is normal if the calorie count goes up, don’t forget you are carrying two babies!” advised Dr Solanki. She also asked to avoid processed or packaged food and focus on eating fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. You can also add foods to your diet that contain high protein, iron, calcium and vitamins. “Eat a proper meal at least thrice a day. Stay hydrated”, said Dr Solanki.

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Stay active

It is common among women to start taking extra rest as soon as they know about twin pregnancy. “Staying active yet careful in the beginning months is helpful for both mother and her babies”, said the gynecologist. She added,”Mild exercises and yoga reduces risks and prepares muscles for labor. Ask your doctor for more accurate details.”

Sleep sideways with support

Everyone has a comfortable sleeping position but especially during pregnancy doctors recommend laying on their sides. “A mother expecting twins is suggested to sleep on their sides after 16 weeks of pregnancy. You may experience slight swelling, back pain, or other common symptoms. Wear compression stockings to maintain blood flow, if required”, advised Dr Solanki.

Prepare yourself ahead of time

Read books or material from good resources to know things better and eliminate your doubts about pregnancy. Prepare maternity dresses, baby products, and clothes in advance to avoid last-minute hurried decisions. Search for professional care or trained nurses, make early appointments to stay at ease and not stress at the last minute.

Avoid alcohol


It goes without saying but alcohol and smoking are injurious to health for everyone but especially for pregnant women. They are advised to completely quit alcohol, smoking, and consumption of tobacco substances. “These can increase risks that can result in future medical conditions”, added Dr Solanki.

Read the signs

Preterm labor and premature birth are common in case of multiple pregnancy cases. “Contact your doctor immediately, and don’t take things lightly if you feel or observe something problematic to avoid complications”, said Dr Solanki.


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First published on: 06-12-2021 at 19:33 IST
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