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Let’s talk baby skin: What every new mom needs to know

There are three major differences between adult and newborn skin, which makes skin care for newborns specific and unique.

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By Dr Srimukhi Anumolu

Mothers tend to become human encyclopedias around baby care having read every article or book and seen every video there is out there. And while every science and fact is broken down by most of these avenues, a conversation that is not as much in focus as it should be is understanding the development process of your baby’s skin and how as mothers you can boost this process.

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First, let’s understand some fundamentals when it comes to the skin of newborn babies, and then we can look at simple ways by which we can take better care of our little ones. Skin is the largest organ in the human body and forms a physical barrier protecting us from the environment. Our skin shields us from the invasion of microorganisms, regulates our body temperature, water loss, and also provides protection against harmful UV rays of the sun.

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It is important to note here that there are three major differences between adult and newborn skin, which makes skin care for newborns specific and unique.

1. The maturation of the skin of infants starts immediately after birth and ends in the first year of their life. This ongoing developmental process makes baby skin more sensitive to temperature changes and can lead to excessive sweating and excessive drying during hot and cold climates respectively.

2. Baby skin is thinner than average adult skin, which means it is more permeable and loses moisture easily, resulting in dryness. It is less effective as a barrier to the environment or pathogens which can lead to infections and rashes.


3. Baby skin also has fewer lipids and more acidity compared to adults, which makes it fragile and vulnerable to damage and dryness.

Massage with a nourishing oil

These factors make it all the more important to provide the necessary nourishment and protection for the baby’s precious skin. To help build and nourish your little one’s skin, my mantra would be “oil massage with a good nourishing oil”. The benefits of touch and massage therapy are now very much evidence-based. A massage with a lubricant oil has proved to be more beneficial than simple touch therapy. It not only improves skin barrier function and thermoregulation but is also suggested to have a positive effect on growth and neurodevelopment. Therefore, choosing the right oil goes a long way in developing your baby’s skin, and using virgin coconut-based baby oil has been confirmed to be the best in many studies.


Virgin coconut-based baby oil

Virgin coconut-based baby oil is a rich source of multi nutrients also found in mothers’ milk making it one of nature’s best cares for baby skin. Its key benefit lies in its ability to get absorbed up to 10 layers deep within the baby’s skin and nourish it from deep within. On the other hand, regular creams and lotions are designed to moisturise only the topmost layer of the skin. Frequent application of virgin coconut-based baby oil will also help in building the skin lipid barrier of your baby and set up the base for healthy skin for years to come.

This oil is clinically proven to make a baby’s skin soft and bouncy, provide a healthy glow, and prevent rashes that arise due to dry skin conditions. It also has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties which safeguard the skin from infections. Now that you know all the benefits of virgin coconut-based baby oil, gently massage your baby with rhythmic strokes and soak in all the goodness.

(The writer is MD, Paediatrics.)

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First published on: 25-07-2022 at 19:16 IST
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