Adopt these hygienic habits for better baby care

Adopt these hygienic habits for better baby care

Diapers, if not changed at the right time, are the biggest source of infection to your kids. Keeping them in dirty diapers can cause them rashes and infections, if prolonged.

Keep yourself and your baby clean. (Source: Getty Images)

Here are some tips on to ensure your baby is growing in a clean, disease-free environment.

By Shish Kharesiya

Good hygiene is the key to good health, for both you and your baby. Babies, especially until the age of two years, are highly vulnerable to infections and very likely to pick up diseases from their surroundings. As a parent, you should provide your child with a clean atmosphere, which is disease-free, as much as possible. If you are new to the world of parenting and clueless about the manner of taking care of your child, these tips are likely to help you.

Keep yourself clean

As a mother, you are going to be in the closest proximity to your baby which entitles you with the responsibility of keeping yourself clean all the time. Your baby is going to be in constant touch with your hand, hence, it is important for you to keep your hands clean always, with no exception. Everytime you hold your baby, make sure you have washed your hands properly. When you are about to feed them, or have just changed their diapers, do wash your hands before touching them again. This small step will keep them away from maximum bacterial infections.

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Give your child a regular bath

For a healthy and infection free life, give your child a bath regularly. This would help in keeping them tidy and hygienic. Be careful about cleanliness of certain areas like their face, nose, ears, hands and bottoms, around the diaper area. If your child is a newborn, give them a sponge bath. After the bath, use organic coconut oil, non-toxic and chemical-free talc and lotions that will give them a good sleep. Keep them diaper free and use natural coloured soft dry sheets when they are sleeping, which prevents your child from getting infections and itchiness or rashes on their body.


Change diapers regularly

Diapers, if not changed at the right time, are the biggest source of infection to your kids. Keeping them in dirty diapers can cause them rashes and infections, if prolonged. Thus, ensure that you change their diapers at proper intervals of time and clean their bottoms. Also, go for diapers made of natural fabric like cloth, bamboo, wheat and corn, available in the market, so they do not get any sort of rashes. Use chemical paraben free wipes with high water content which are certified to keep your baby’s bottom clean, every time you change the diaper.

Keep your house clean

Cleanliness of your house is important for any age group of children. However, it becomes all the more important if your child is six to seven months old and has started crawling around. Ensure that your house’s floor is clean, so your kid has least chances of getting in touch with harmful germs and microbes. Make sure you wash your baby’s milk bottle and other utensils regularly with warm water and natural detergent. Keep every area that your child frequents, hygienic, including their toys. Using eco-friendly diaper disposable bags is another helpful way of keeping your house and surroundings clean, and taking care of the environment.

With these small tips, you are likely to protect your child well. Baby care is not a rocket science, but rather small caring and hygienic steps can ensure a healthy life to your kids. Cleanliness being the key, using organic and natural baby care products is going to reap advantages for you and your children in the long run.

(The writer is Founder, Director and CEO – BEY BEE.)