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Wednesday, August 05, 2020

6 apps for special needs kids to communicate

International Day of Disabled Persons 2019: These apps, available on Android, can help special needs kids with developmental delays and speech difficulties to learn communication skills through fun and interactive ways.

By: Parenting Desk | Updated: December 4, 2019 7:45:17 pm
apps for special needs kids Special needs kids can use Augmentative and Alternative Communication apps to learn skills. (Source: Getty Images)

International Day of Disabled Persons 2019: Special needs children, like those in the autism spectrum, have speech difficulties in their early years although studies have shown they eventually begin to acquire language and communication skills as they grow older. And technology is here to aid you through the process of teaching your child in case he or she has some speech difficulty.

Here are some speech and communication applications available on Android for special needs kids:

Avaz App for Communication

The app was developed in collaboration with Vidya Sagar, a disability services and support organisation in Chennai, and schools, to help kids with speech difficulties. It uses pictures, symbols and voice synthesis to help users develop speech skills, high-contrast mode for users who are visually impaired and arrow keys for those who have difficulty in motor control. It is available in six regional languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi and Kannada.

apps for special needs kids Avaz

Talk With Me

The app aims to help autistic kids learn social interaction skills. A symbol-based collaborative learning tool, it allows kids to share the app with other people and have social conversations with them. This app can be personalised as per the child’s needs.

apps for special needs kids Talk With Me

Jellow AAC Communicator

This is an Augmentative and Alernative Communication (AAC) system which uses colourful icons and images to facilitate speech. Early learners can use this app to learn words frequently used in their day-to-day activities by associating pictures with corresponding word labels. Kids can also learn to generate new sentences and use the app to speak them out loud.

apps for special needs kids Jellow


This AAC app is designed to help non-verbal children improve communication skills. Special needs kids learn to make words and sentences by combining personalised voice and images with a simple user interface.

apps for special needs kids JABtalk


This AAC app uses fun images to help kids express their feelings, actions and needs. It has a large bank of icons consisting of pictures with corresponding words with easy-to-listen audios.

apps for special needs kids Voice4U

Talk Up! Communicator

The app is also designed for non-verbal children in the autism spectrum, aphasia, apraxia, speech disorders, cerebral palsy and Down Syndrome. It helps improve communication skills through pictograms which kids can select to express different actions and sentences.

apps for special needs kids Talk Up! Communicator

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