Valentine’s Day 2019: Gift ideas for expecting moms and dads

Valentine’s Day 2019: Gift ideas for expecting moms and dads

Happy Valentine's Day: When a baby comes into your life, everything revolves around them. Spending quality time, going on romantic drives, watching a movie or simply cooking together can rekindle your bond.

valentines day, pregnancy gifts
Celebrate your coming baby this Valentine’s Day. (Source: Getty Images)

By Amrita Desai

Valentine’s Day is a day when globally everyone expresses and celebrates love. Although conventional ideas of gifting revolve around chocolates and getaways, for expecting parents unique choices are more romantic. For to-be parents, there is more love in the air. Parents should be made to feel special because pregnancy and parenting is a whirlwind roller-coaster ride and before they begin their parenting journey, they need to be rejuvenated.

Let us look at gifting options to spoil your better half and show how much you love each other and the little bundle of joy that’s headed into your lives.

valentines day, gifts for pregnant woman
Surprise your partner with a gift before the baby arrives. (Source: Getty Images)

Parenting books

One cannot have enough of advice, especially when it comes to parenting. One can download series of popular easy to decode books on Kindle and gift it to the parents. This allows for easy reference. To explain baby basics, books and tutorials designed for fathers can be excellent possession for them to be informed such as The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and The Birth Guy’s Go-To Guide for New Dads.


Nursing scarves and oversized water-bottles

A fancy nursing scarf to make breastfeeding easy when on the go is a thoughtful gift for the expecting mother, to prepare for the coming baby. It keeps babies from being distracted and keeps them warm. It allows for ventilation and pockets for any breastfeeding accessories. Oversized bottles to keep the mother hydrated, belly bands, sleeping pillows, newborn slings and breastfeeding tops is another thought in the kitty.

Couple’s journal and Polaroid camera

Capturing each moment is what parents, especially fathers, love to do. It is indeed the first of everything with their baby and instant print photos are in vogue. A polaroid allows for instant documentation and preservation of memories.

Documenting one’s experiences through writing and penning down milestones helps parents to keep track of the memories and go back to them. With prepping for the baby, everything will happen at a fast pace. Therefore, writing it down will help them reflect on each other’s experiences.

Self-care products

The world is gradually moving towards organic products and what’s better than gifting your partner a basket for pampering themselves. The basket can comprise of essentials like natural belly butter, face mask, foot cream and body oil. An all-natural bath bomb with selective scents for the couple to relax, rejuvenate and reboot themselves.

Pregnancy pillow

Getting an eight-hour sleep during pregnancy becomes cumbersome. The baby bump doesn’t allow the mother to sleep in any position. Investing in a comfy full-body or wedge pregnancy pillow can ensure a sound sleep, aid in breastfeeding and can be carried to the hospital. It replaces the four or five pillows she is currently using to hug her frame with one soft, but firm, pillow that supports her back, hips, neck, and tummy.

Diaper bag backpack

Fathers would like a handier and sleek bag wherein it is easier to carry the baby along. A bag with everything in an accessible space including diapers, bottles with plenty of pockets for all that you and your baby needs. Parents can also explore eco-friendly diapering options.

Maternity shirts and dresses

Loose tees and cute dresses are the way to go for your partner to feel comfortable at home. Wearing loose clothes and sweats can become dull for the woman. Gift her beautiful evening gowns for the date that allows her to show off her baby bump or define her waist. A set of versatile dresses for a day out can really boost her confidence. Matching sets of mother-baby dresses is also something parents can work on!

Parenting goals merchandise

Personalised merchandise such as mugs, key chains, lamps, wallpapers among other quirky little gifting options for office or home decor as gentle reminders for parents to keep calm and go easy on themselves.

Attending antenatal classes together

Most parents would read a pregnancy book but very few actually read about what happens after a baby is born. It helps both to-be parents to be scientifically aware by attending antenatal classes which can deal with different birthing positions, prenatal yoga, breastfeeding and so on.

While we have listed materialistic gifts that one can shop for, moral support and being together is also the key. When a baby comes into your life, everything revolves around them. Spending quality time, going on romantic drives, watching a movie or simply cooking together can rekindle the bond. It is a new journey that you are going to embark on and being there to support each other through thick and thin will make this journey more memorable.


(The writer is a lactation consultant and IBCLC, LCCE, Cloudnine Hospital and Member of Medela India LC Club.)