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Friday, December 04, 2020

7 tips to help your toddler overcome bath time fears

If your toddler is scared, do not put him or her in the tub forcefully. Acknowledge your child's fears and reassure that he or she is safe.

By: Parenting Desk | April 1, 2019 4:13:42 pm
baby bath time fear Some toddler are scared of bathing. (Source: Getty Images)

Does your toddler start crying each time you give him or her a bath? A lot of toddlers are scared of bath time, sometimes because of the soap that might get into their eyes or for fear of getting hurt while bathing. And if you are facing this problem with your toddler, here are some tips on how to deal with it:

1. Prepare the bath in front of your child

Your child might feel less scared if he or she sees you preparing the bath. Start the tap and show your toddler how the water fills the tub. Avoid adding bubbles if he or she is scared of them.

2. Check the water temperature

Your child will be uncomfortable if the water is too hot or cold. So, check the temperature of the water (should be close to your child’s body temperature) before bathing.

toddler bath time fears Put colourful toys in the tub. (Source: Getty Images)

3. Add some bath toys to the tub or play music

Putting a few colourful toys in the tub will keep your child distracted and reduce hassle during bath time. You can also play some music or tell a story while doing so.

4. Make a bath for yourself too

Get into the tub yourself, place your child in front of you, and pretend to enjoy with toys and bubbles around you. This can tempt your toddler and encourage him or her to join you.

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5. Focus on playing than washing

Even as you sponge your child, keep the little one’s attention focused on playing with the toys. This way, your child will start enjoying bathing.

toddler bath time fears Make sure the soap does not get into your child’s eyes. (Source: Getty Images)

6. Protect your child’s eyes

One should use a baby shampoo and soap and make sure it does not get into the toddler’s eyes.

7. Do not force your child

If your toddler is still scared, do not put him or her in the tub forcefully. Acknowledge your child’s fear and reassure that he or she is safe. You can console your child with comforting words or just sponge with a wet cloth for that day instead of putting him or her in the tub.

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