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Monday, June 21, 2021

8 tips from parents to get your kids to sleep faster

Is bedtime stretching longer than you can deal with? Find out if these tips from parents can make your child fall asleep faster.

By: Parenting Desk |
Updated: July 21, 2019 9:00:10 am
child sleep Follow a bedtime routine.

Are you facing difficulty in getting your child to go to bed and sleep on time? On a Reddit thread, parents shared what they did to get kids to sleep faster. Find out if these tips can help you:

1. “Let them sleep with you. We did this with our four and by the age of two they were all sleeping soundly in their own beds.” -GenJonesMom

2. “Start a bedtime routine and be consistent. Ours was bath, pajamas, brush teeth, three stories read in bed and then soft music left on while he fell asleep. Find what works for your child and then stick to it.” -lookwhaticando1111

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3. “Mine is 16 months. We are at the cuddle with a binky phase. She’s my only child so we take as long as needed. But a bottle works sometimes and when really fussy, lullabies on YouTube.” -MsSkittles82

4. “For my daughter, I got a couple of books I read to her when she snuggles up on my arm. Starwars or Marvel, I read her 1 chapter (tons of pictures, not many words) and she nuzzles up to me, once I say “the end” I turn the fan light off, and she closes her eyes.” -squrlboy315

5. “My almost 6 month old likes to be rocked while being walked around.” -applecunts

6. “I found a routine to be helpful. Dimming lights, lowered noise, reading a book, rocking. Ultimately we put the baby in their bed while awake and allow them fall asleep on their own. Once established, they prefer this to being fed or rocked to sleep.” -otherhalfcat

7. “White noise and walking around while holding them.” -Cupids_Halloween

8. “Shake them till they sleep.” -plzdontshadowbanme

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