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A mom’s viral post on ways to prepare for a baby is hilarious but too real

How do you prepare for your baby? A mom shares a hilarious post on how to practice parenting before actually having a baby.

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Parenting is beautiful yet stressful. Source: Getty Images

Planning to have a baby? A mother in her now viral social media post is teaching couples the best way to prepare for a family.

Laura Mazza, writer and mom of three, took to social media to give some tips on how people can start practicing before actually welcoming a baby in the family.

“Buy bananas…Eat them all. Whatever. Just make them disappear in a day. Then buy more bananas the next day. The same amount if not more…and watch them go mouldy. Slowly. Say out loud ‘why doesn’t anyone want the bananas now?’ Cry…Play baby shark on repeat for 68 hours,” she wrote.

Continuing with her hilarious take on parenting, she added how couples planning for a baby should keep watching “obscure things on YouTube like freaky cartoons with catchy songs”.


Referring to the challenges of parenting, she wrote, “Buy four pairs of huge underwear that come up to your neck, poke holes in them, wear them interchangeably. Ask your whole street for their washing, and begin doing their laundry. Ask them to wear and dirty it as soon as it’s folded. Bite all the apples in your fruit bowl and put them back. Clean the house, disinfect it, then smear yoghurt on the floor.”

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While most of us talk about how becoming a parent can be one of the most beautiful experiences, one rarely addresses the exhaustion and stress associated with it. And this mother’s post is a good eye-opener for many.

“Make a snack every seven minutes. Go to bed. Get up again. Go back. Get up… go back, get up, go back, get up. Smash your toe into something really hard. Pee yourself. And now you’re 10 per cent ready,” the mother further wrote.

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