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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Are you a millennial mom? Look out for these 7 signs

Increasing influence of social media coupled with growing awareness about gender roles has redefined motherhood to give rise to a brand of new-age millennial moms. So, are you one of them? These signs will tell you.

By: Parenting Desk |
Updated: February 18, 2019 5:12:33 pm
millennial mom parenting Millennial mom (Source: Getty Images)

What makes your parenting style different from that of your own parents? Do you disagree or re-examine many of their ideas on parenting? Well, that’s perhaps because you are a millennial mom.

Like every other aspect of our lives, parenting for millennials (those born between 1980 and early 2000s) has also changed rapidly in the age of the internet. An increasing influence of social media coupled with growing awareness about gender roles has redefined motherhood to give rise to a brand of new-age millennial moms. So, are you one of them? These signs will tell you:

1. Your parenting style is shaped by the internet

Technology, as in the case of all millennials, rules the lives of parents today as well. Social media has made it convenient for mothers from various parts of the world to come together to create communities where they can discuss and seek advice on parenting issues. At a time, when parents are mostly raising children on their own in a nuclear set up, these online communities can, perhaps, reassure a mother that she is not alone in her parenting struggles.

2. You have followers

Many millennial moms today have taken to blogging on parenting issues, and have a considerable influence on other parents. So much so that a lot of companies today reach out to mom bloggers to promote their products. Parents seek recommendations from these internet stars, for children’s books, schools to parenting styles.

millennial mom parenting Millennial moms stay connected on social media. (Source: Getty Images)

3. Motherhood is not the only thing that defines you

How often have you heard your mothers talk about all the desires they gave up on after becoming a mother? Millennial moms, in this case, are showing a different trait. With rising awareness about women’s rights, many new-age mothers have finally begun to assert their choices and needs, even as they navigate through the constant scrutiny of the society. Millennial moms stress on sufficient ‘me-time’, even if that entails depending on a help or a babysitter or getting their partners to share parenting responsibilities.

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4. You are breaking away from your mother’s parenting rules

Handed-down parenting rules are not unwelcome but millennial moms today are more conscious of the way they are raising children. They are not the typical “helicopter parents” who would take absolute control of their child’s life. They have started rejecting strict, moralistic parenting of the previous generations to create a more progressive environment for growing up. “Millennial Moms are clearly reacting to the way they were raised…They reject the pressure they grew up with,” Mike Fogarty, SVP and global publisher at BabyCenter, was quoted as saying by ABC News as part of a parenting study. Millennial moms are more careful about the way they take care of their child’s physical and mental well-being or the teachings they inculcate like gender equality or empathy.

5. You are more brand conscious

Millennial moms today are more conscious of the brands they buy products for their child from. They carefully inspect the quality and side-effects, among other things before choosing a product, be it diaper, baby foods, clothes or other necessities.

6. You want to live independently

Financial independence is among the top drivers of happiness for millennial moms, which is a strong mark of self-assurance and identity.

7. You cope with information overload

With the internet constantly bombarding with information on how to be the “perfect” parent, millennial moms tend to be a lot more anxious about failing to live up to the standards. A study by Parent Wellbeing in 2012 had shown how the information overload on the internet contributes to lack of parenting confidence. Not to mention how the ideal picture painted on social media by many parents also makes the reader question her capabilities.

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