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Tuesday, December 01, 2020

‘Cut your hair or you may have fever’ and other lies Indian parents told kids

"The biggest lie my parents ever told me was that if I didn't cut my hair, I will get fever, which never made sense."

By: Parenting Desk | November 17, 2019 12:16:08 pm
parenting Do you also lie to your child sometimes? (Source: Getty Images)

Most parents tend to lie to their children, mostly to discipline or console them. And kids happily believe them. Here are some lies that Indian parents told their kids. Read to see if you have also told your child any of these lies.

“When I was in class 9, my parents said I could play after board exams. They said the same in class 11, and then in college. 30 years have passed and I still haven’t gone to play.”

“Back in school, my mom used to try cleaning lice from my hair and I hated it. She told me the lice would otherwise pick me up at night and throw me in a dustbin.”

“I used to go to the washroom very frequently owing to digestive issues. I was told whoever empties all poop dies sooner than the others. And I’m still worried it might actually happen.”

“My mother told me that praying to God, visiting the temple would help me do better in academics. Well, that never really worked out. Now, I have even stopped going to the temple.”

“I was told those who keep trying never fail, which I think is completely untrue.”

“The biggest lie my parents ever told me was that if I didn’t cut my hair, I will get fever, which never made sense.”

“My mother told me you cannot have fish with milk.”

“My mother told me she had magic which works for only 15 minutes. That’s when she had to wake me up to get me ready for school.”

“My mom used to say that if I didn’t sleep on time, I would be arrested.”

“My parents told me ‘Haarne wale ko baazigar kehte hai’. And 28 years later I find out that there is no such thing as Baazigar.”

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