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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Kristen Bell believes men’s rooms should also have diaper-changing stations

Kristen Bell is also all set to release a new picture book for children this summer.

By: Parenting Desk | Updated: May 16, 2020 2:23:28 pm
kristen bell Kristen Bell (Source: kristenannebells/Instagram)

We often talk about the challenges most working moms face in balancing their professional and home life. But do we talk enough about how difficult it can be for fathers as well?

In an episode of the web series #Momsplaining, actor and mother-of-two Kristen Bell expressed frustration about her husband Dax Shepherd never being asked about how he copes with both his career and life as a father.

“Like, with my job, when I get interviewed and people say, like, ‘How do you balance it all?’ I don’t think anyone has ever asked my husband that question. ‘How do you balance it all, working and being a dad?’ Everything’s geared towards moms though. That’s the thing. Just the idea that you have to fit into these gendered boxes, like, my husband is in love with cars. He loves them. He loves them more than me. But, I know some stuff about cars,” she said.

She went on to also mention how men’s rooms need diaper changing stations like that of women. Watch the video:

Meanwhile, the celebrity mom is also all set to release a new picture book for children this summer, titled The World Needs More Purple People.

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For the book, Kristen collaborated with her friend and creative director Benjamin Hart for the past year and a half.

The book, scheduled for release on June 2, aims to teach young readers how to be a “purple person” or someone who asks good questions, speaks up for what is right, thinks critically, laughs a lot and works hard. “Purple is when red people and blue people can come together and people can trust and listen to each other,” the actor was quoted as saying by Popsugar.

Talking about how the book was conceptualised, she recalled a dinnertime experience with the kids. “All of a sudden it occurred to us that all of our kids are absorbing all of these conversations about divisiveness. We talk about differences all day, but…when are we actually talking about similarities? When are we talking about trust? When are we talking about inclusion?”

Through her book, Kristen wants kids to learn to seek out the qualities of a “purple person” in others, and “hear their point of view responsibly, so we don’t walk into rooms thinking we have enemies. We walk into rooms thinking we have friends.”

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