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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

5 things Sunny Leone said on motherhood

Happy Birthday Sunny Leone: The actress, who has never shied away from speaking her mind, has openly addressed questions on adoption and parenting too. On Sunny's 38th birthday, we take you through some of the things she has said on being a mother.

By: Parenting Desk | Updated: May 14, 2019 1:02:35 pm
sunny leone birthday motherhood Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Weber with their children Nisha, Noah and Asher. (Source: sunnyleone/Instagram)

Having welcomed two children Noah and Asher via surrogacy after adopting their first child Nisha, Sunny Leone is now a proud and busy mother, balancing professional life and parenting. The actress, who has never shied away from speaking her mind, has openly addressed questions on parenting too. On Sunny’s 38th birthday, we take you through some of the things she has said on being a mother:

On her parenting style

In an interview, the celebrity mother had talked about being hands-on parents to Nisha. “We’re the first people she (Nisha) sees in the morning and the last people she sees before she goes to bed at night. We change her diapers, sit and watch TV together, play games. Daniel takes her to the park multiple times a day,” she revealed.


Sunny had also talked about how they are making sure the kids grow up to be independent. “You know how it is in the US, you cook your own food, do your own laundry, maintain your own house. We have help, but that’s how we live in India, too…Daniel and I follow a very American style of raising our daughter, where we promote independence — she (Nisha) has her own room, her own space and she loves that,” Sunny said.

On talking to her daughter about adoption

In an earlier interview, Sunny had talked about why she would not keep Nisha’s adoption a secret from her daughter. “Indeed we have to disclose this fact to her. Right from the adoption papers and every minute thing we have of her, will be shown to her. Nisha will have to know the fact that her mother did not abandon her. She bore her for nine months. I am not her real mom. But I am connected to her soul. I am her mom after adopting her,” she was quoted as saying.

Giving all the love to children

Talking about Nisha, Sunny said, “Daniel and I are truly hands-on parents. We just want to do everything because she lost that time and we want to make up for it. She needs to know that we are her parents now and we love her forever. Those are the changes that have happened and we have been waiting for it for a long time. This is a very special moment.”

sunny leone birthday, motherhood, parenting Sunny Leone with her sons (Source: sunnyleone/Instagram)

On being working parents

As working parents, striking a balance between professional life and parenting is a major task but Sunny and her husband make sure they do not deprive their children of some quality time with family. “Both Daniel and I really wanted to be parents for a very long time. So, we spend so much time with our kids and I feel like we’ve been blessed. Even though we are working…we have done a great job in our time management to make sure that we are there during their waking hours. If they are sleeping or napping, we are trying to finish our our work or get it done as much as possible. If I am on long shooting schedules, I bring the boys with me and then Nisha will come on the weekend. So, we do spend a really great amount of time with our kids,” she said in an interview.

How motherhood has changed her

“I have changed and evolved but I believe (it has happened) for the better. I look at all three of them and am completely, utterly in love with them,” Sunny said while talking about what motherhood means to the actress.

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