7 great gifts that a new mother is sure to love

baby-wearing Baby-wearing allows a mother to carry her newborn comfortably. (Source: Dreamstime)

Gift these items to a new mother as a token of love and support.

As beautiful and special as motherhood is, it can also be physically and emotionally taxing for women, especially new mothers, who need to be constantly on their toes to take care of their child. Nursing is not an easy task and she needs to be supported, encouraged and feel loved. One way of doing so could be by gifting her these items to remind her how special she is:

Baby carrier

It is not practically possible to carry a baby in one’s arms constantly. A baby carrier would be of great help for a new mother so that she can do her work and carry her baby simultaneously. There are a variety of baby-wearing slings available that are easy to wear, even while travelling.

Self-care products

Pregnancy affects a woman’s body in several ways. It can cause stretch marks, increased skin pigmentation or even hair growth. Becoming a mother doesn’t mean neglecting one’s own body and health while taking care of the child. Encourage the new mother to take care of her body by gifting some self-care products for the skin and hair.

A baby book

Most mothers love to chronicle the growth of their child step by step, through baby photos or notes. Buy a baby book for a new mother to help her create and cherish memories.

baby book Source: Dreamstime

A camera

Gift a camera to a new mother so that she can capture her child’s every action or moment and then add them to the baby book. There are cameras available that print photos instantly as well.

clicking photos Source: Getty Images

Yummy and healthy treats

What could be a better gift than a basket of yummy foods? Treat the new mother to her favourite food and drinks but make sure they are healthy. You could also check out some subscriptions, where the treats arrive monthly…what’s better than a gift that keeps on giving?

Gift card

After months of lack of sleep, and physical and emotional challenges that a woman has to go through during her pregnancy, she obviously deserves to indulge a little. Help her spend some me-time by gifting an ebook card, a shopping card or a spa coupon.

Nursing clothes

Needless to mention, pregnancy induces weight gain or change in body shape and size. Stylish and suitable nursing clothes, so that the mother can also breastfeed comfortably if needed, could be an ideal gift for a new mother.