Feeling anxious as a new mother? Here’s how to deal with it

new mother It is completely normal for new mothers to panic. (Source: Dreamstime)

If you are feeling too stressed fulfilling the responsibilities as a new mother, here are some tips by internet sensation Kristina Kuzmic to help you deal with the situation better.

The birth of a child heralds a new beginning for parents. But as much as we would like to romanticise childbirth, the reality is quite different. A child can overturn the parents’ life in more ways than one can imagine. The parents, especially the mother, begins to centre her life around the baby. Sleepless nights, fatigue and anxiety become a constant in her life. While devoting all of her time and energy in taking care of the baby, a mother ends up compromising her own passions and desires. There’s hardly any “me-time” left for her and yet, more often than not, she would constantly panic about whether she is taking good care of the baby.

Internet sensation Kristina Kuzmic, in her latest video dedicated to the “brand new mom”, asserts, “Stop comparing motherhood to the fantasy you created before you had your baby.” Kuzmic, who has made a mark as a motivational speaker and for her unpretentious take on parenting, talks about how it is absolutely normal for a new mother to feel “nutty and inadequate”.

Striking a balance between life as a mother and an individual woman is not easy but that doesn’t mean one should stop trying. In the video, Kuzmic talked about how a mother shouldn’t feel guilty about taking out time from her laborious parenting schedule to do something for herself. “Don’t ever feel bad when you do something for yourself because doing something for yourself is going to keep you sane,” she rightfully said.

Watch Kuzmic’s video on how new mothers can deal with their situation:

Parenting can be an exhausting process and we are a witness to numerous such cases around us. A case in point could be tennis player Serena Williams, who recently drew attention by openly talking about how she felt inadequate as a new mother. “Last week was not easy for me…Mostly, I felt like I was not a good mom,” she had written on social media. Serena, who suffered from postpartum disorder, went on to eventually realise what she experienced was completely normal. “Talking things through with my mom, my sisters, my friends let me know that my feelings are totally normal. It’s totally normal to feel like I’m not doing enough for my baby,” she had written.

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Here are some other tips too, from new mothers.

“Follow your gut. I have had situations where people gave me all kinds of advice on motherhood. You can listen to it all, read articles or watch videos on parenting but at the end of it, follow what your heart says. After 13 months of being a mother, that’s what I have realised.”

-Sonya Caroline Shah, mother to a 13-month-old daughter

“Just enjoy the baby. If you are feeling too anxious, try to meditate. You need not worry or panic so much. Babies will be fine as long as you clean and feed them. You need to enjoy the feeling of being a mother and that’s what I did.”

Pallavi Sarma, mother to a seven-month-old son