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Saturday, April 04, 2020

An IVF dad talks about having twins after trying for 8 years to conceive naturally

"I got to know about IVF from my friends. They suggested it when we repeatedly failed to conceive naturally."

Written by Disha Roy Choudhury | Published: February 26, 2020 6:43:29 pm
ivf, parenting Through IVF, people who are unable to conceive naturally are becoming parents. (Source: Getty Images)

A father from Delhi NCR welcomed twin babies last year via IVF after trying to conceive naturally for quite some time. Express Parenting spoke to the new dad to know about his journey. Here’s what he said:

“I got married in 2011. We had been trying to conceive naturally for quite some time. We consulted several doctors in the process and tried IUI (intrauterine insemination) too but it did not solve the problem. That is when we mutually decided to go for IVF (in vitro fertilisation) after eight years. We became parents to twin babies–a girl and a boy–in March 2019.”

‘Friends told me about IVF’

“I got to know about IVF from my friends. They suggested it when we repeatedly failed to conceive naturally. But till date, we have not told our family members that our babies were born via IVF. We can’t ignore the fact that there are people who are still unaware and therefore hesitant about these reproductive technologies. They end up making assumptions which only makes it more difficult to explain it to them.

The process started around October-November in 2018. My wife, who was 34 then, had a poor egg reserve so we opted for a donor. Apart from multiple medical tests every month, my wife did not have to endure the physical exhaustion so much and our babies were conceived in the first IVF cycle itself. People at office were also supportive enough. I would take leave for half-day to go to the doctor in the morning and schedule my appointments accordingly.

After everything else failed, IVF was actually our last resort. So, I was mentally prepared in a way and also told my partner that this was the only option left for us. We were ready to face the challenges. The doctor also counselled us well before and after the process–explaining the possibilities and risks–to help us navigate. Overall, we spent three-four lakh rupees for the entire procedure.

We need to tell people that IVF is absolutely normal and nothing to feel embarassed about. That is what I say when I meet those who are going through the same problem.

‘Our babies were born premature’

“Our babies are completely healthy now. They, however, were born premature–they were delivered in 25 weeks, They were kept under observation in NICU (Neonatal intensive care unit) for about 96 days. The babies were underweight and had other health complications but they soon recovered.

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For the entire time, I was with my kids at the hospital. I took leave from office to be able to stay there, day and night. Even if I had to go to office, I would travel from the hospital itself. I did not sleep at home for those 96 days.

At home now, my mother and I try and help out my wife in managing our babies. And I have been trying to do my share of work too, for instance, by bottle feeding the kids or changing their diapers.”

(As told to Disha Roy Choudhury)

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