Be a friend to your child: Chitrangada Singh

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Chitrangada Singh is a busy actress and now also a producer, but that doesn’t stop her from being a hands-on mother to her pre-teen son Zorawar. After her divorce in 2014, Chitrangada has been a single parent, and finds the role of a mother most fulfilling. In an exclusive chat, Chitrangada opens up about being a mom and how she prefers to be her son’s friend than being a typical parent.

But ask her how she manages to juggle her time between films and her child, and pat comes her response, “I won’t say that it’s tough for me compared to many women who have to show up every day at work at 9 am. I can say that compared to them I am lucky that I can choose time to spend with him. But yes, it’s tough, when travelling for work and shoots and as a mother your kid’s well-being is something that’s always at the back of your mind. But honestly, being a mother is the best role or hat that I’ve ever donned!”

Talking about dealing on a daily basis with situations in her child’s life, her approach is straightforward. She says, “Let’s be honest, we all have good and bad days, and it’s the same while dealing with kids too. Sometimes, it’s all good and some days are just a bit rough. But I make sure that at the end of the day everything is going on smoothly, and we are on the same page.”

On whether she is the pampering parent, a disciplinarian or both, she says she believes in being a friend. “I am like a friend, so we have conversations that are not out of fear but led by logic and I can explain things to him. See, fear won’t last long and it’s only to a certain extent that you can scare a child into listening to you, but that’s not healthy.”

She recalls her childhood and remembers how as children, her brother and she used to be scared that her father would be angry if chores were not done by the time he was back home from work. Smiling, reminiscing those times, she remarks, “When we were kids, if we knew dad was back from work, we would just finish up our lunch quickly and sit quietly.”

Summing up our chat, we asked for the one parenting tip she thinks would be helpful for everyone. And pat came her reply, “Be a friend! Yes, that’s just the best. That way you have a far more honest relationship with your child. Fear is something I feel does not work at all.”