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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Is it your baby’s first winter? Here are tips to keep him warm and heallthy

Here are some tips for parents to make sure their newborn doesn't face any discomfort and remains healthy during winter.

Updated: November 30, 2018 5:30:14 pm
baby winter tips Keep your baby hydrated and warm during winter. (Source: Getty Images)

Winter is synonymous with diseases like cough, common cold or fever, more so in the case of a newborn. So, extra precautions need to be taken to keep your baby warm and healthy. Here are eight tips to keep in mind in case it is your newborn’s first winter.

Dress your baby in comfortable layers of clothes

Don’t dress your baby in a single heavy, warm jacket or sweater. Dress your baby in layers of clothes instead since it allows one to adjust to the baby’s needs. Opt for breathable fabrics so that you can put them on or take them off the baby as needed.

Keep the indoor temperature optimal

If it is too cold outside, try keeping your baby indoors. Keep the windows shut in case the weather is chilly but make sure the room stays ventilated in some way. Use a room heater if required to keep the space warm and comfortable.

Use a humidifier in the room

Room heaters can make the air in the room dry, making the baby’s skin dry too and may also cause breathing problems. To avoid this, install a humidifier in the room to maintain the moisture level.

Moisturise your baby’s skin

To avoid your baby’s skin becoming dry and itchy, use a good moisturiser or a lotion, rich in milk cream and butter, made specifically for babies.

Use baby carriers

Baby carriers are a good way to use one’s body heat to provide extra coziness to the baby in cold weather. While carrying the baby, make sure his or her face is not pressed against the chest to allow free airway.

Avoid using heavy blankets

Heavy blankets can be risky for babies, since they are unable to shift the blanket on their own, which might lead to choking. Use a light blanket instead to keep the baby safe and comfortable.

Breastfeed your baby

Breast milk is rich in antibodies and nutrients, which strengthen the baby’s immunity and provide protection from diseases. Breastfeeding will also ensure that your baby is sufficiently hydrated.

Stay in touch with your doctor

A baby is vulnerable and more prone to diseases. So, keep a check on your baby to detect signs of discomfort. And keep in touch with your doctor, who can suggest a quick remedy in case of any unforeseen health crisis.

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