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50 trendy Hindu baby boy names of 2019

Hindu Baby Names For Boys: Are you still looking for names for your baby boy? Check this list of some of the latest Hindu baby boy names and their meanings.

hindu baby boy names 2019
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Hindu baby boy names 2019: Wondering what to name your newborn baby boy? Here’s our pick of 50 modern Hindu baby boy names of 2019 you can choose from for your little one.

1. Aakav (shape)

2. Aakesh (Lord of the sky)

3. Aarav (peaceful)

4. Advik (unique)

5. Chaitanya (cognisance)

6. Chandran (moon)

7. Darsh (sight)

8. Darpan (mirror)

9. Ekansh (whole)

10. Evak (equal)

11. Girik (Lord Shiva)

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12. Hredhaan (one with a great heart)

13. Hemang (one with a shining body)

14. Inesh (strong king)

15. Ishaan (Lord Shiva)

16. Jairaj (victorious ruler)

17. Jihan (the universe)

18. Lekh (document)

19. Lohit (made of copper)

20. Manbir (brave from heart)

21. Mayan (god of love)

22. Meet (friend, love)

23. Nishit (midnight)

24. Nihal (joyous or successful)

25. Onkar (the purest one)

26. Onveer (brave)

27. Oviyan (artist)

28. Parijat (celestial fire)

29. Pranjal (honest)

30. Pranit (leader)

31. Rayaan (gates of heaven)

32. Ronit (embellishment)

33. Reyansh (ray of light)

34. Samaksh (presence)

35. Samesh (equality)

36. Sanket (signal)

37. Sanat (Lord Brahma)

38. Tuhin (snow)

39. Tejas (brilliant)

40. Trijal (Lord Shiva)

41. Umang (enthusiasm)

42. Udarsh (brimming)

43. Viraj (resplendent)

44. Vaidik (spritual)

45. Vedant (ultimate wisdom)

46. Yash (glory)

48. Yatin (devoted)

49. Yagnesh (sacrifice)

50. Yug (era)

So, what name are you choosing for your baby?

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