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Friday, February 21, 2020

Watch: How to motivate your child

Some parents try to motivate their child through fear or bribe. But is it the right way to motivate your child?

By: Parenting Desk | Updated: July 20, 2019 9:00:49 am
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It is extremely important to motivate a child for his or her healthy development and emotional and mental well-being. But do parents adopt the right way to motivate kids?

In a Ted Talk, coach and consultor Jennifer Nacif says, “I mean we try to motivate, we do our best, but generally what do we do? We use fear: “Ah, if you don’t do this, mmm, big punishment.”

If not fear, then we tend to “bribe” children, says Nacif. “OK, if you do this, you’ll get this prize, or this payment.” And, well it works, on the short term. But there are ramifications, consequences that we’re not aware of in the long run, when we educate in this manner,” she explains.

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Nacif, who had been studying the art of motivating children for more than two decades, revealed that less two per cent of parents know how exactly they should do it.

She goes on to play the characters of four children to show how different personalities need to be motivated in different ways. The needs of each personality are not only relevant to the children in our lives, but to everyone we encounter, and Nacif provides easy and actionable ways to motivate and empower those around us.

“I hope that you remember, when you talk to your children, what motivates them. Is it power? Is it connection and fun? Is it safety? Is it clarity? Be it what it may be, I invite you to create a chain reaction for all parents to change manipulation to motivation,” she adds.

Watch the video here:

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