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Holi 2019: How to celebrate the festival with your child

Holi Celebration 2019: On the occasion of the festival, which will be held on March 21, here are some ways parents can get kids to enjoy the festival of colours.

holi, how to celebrate holi with kids
Enjoy Holi with kids (Source: Getty Images)

Holi, also known as the festival of colours, is one of the most popular and widely celebrated festivals in India. Here’s how parents can enjoy the festival, to be celebrated on March 21, with their kids:

1. Tell kids why we celebrate Holi

To begin with, tell your child about why we celebrate Holi and the legends associated with the festival. According to Bhagvata Purana, King Hiranyakashipu, king of Asuras, subjected his son Prahlada, a devotee of Vishnu, to cruel punishments. His aunt Holika also tricked him to sit on a pyre with her but got burnt herself instead. And that’s how the Holika bonfire signifies the victory of good over evil. Again, in the Braj region, Holi is celebrated in commemoration of Radha’s love for Krishna.

2. Organise a party

You can invite your child’s friends at home so that they can celebrate the festival of colours together. This would also be a great time for family members, relatives and their children to gather and spend some time with each other.

holi, how to celebrate holi with kids
Buy herbal colours for Holi (Source: Getty Images)

3. Play with colours

Most children love to play with dry and wet colours. Buy herbal colours or make them at home to ensure your child is not exposed to harmful chemicals.


4. Cook festive dishes

No festival is complete without indulging in its traditional dishes. On the occasion of Holi, get your child to help you make gujiya or malpua, along with his or her favourite delicacies.

5. Spend quality time

Spend the holiday with your child by watching some movies, reading books, making DIY crafts or playing games.