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8 fun games to play on a picnic

Who said football is just for daddies and sons? Get your daughter—and your son—together and have hours of fun in the sun.

picnic activities
A picnic is all about outdoor activities. (Source: Dreamstime)

If you are planning a picnic to a park or any outdoors, you must dress for all the fun it brings along. In order to escape boredom, make a list of all the fun activities and games you can take up when you’re there. Children are loaded with energy and a picnic or an outing gives them a bigger boost. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to create amazing memories for a lifetime. Here are some fun activities and games that you’re sure to enjoy:

Race to the finish

Kids love to participate in racing competitions. Since it is a family outing, the idea is more fun than a contest to see who wins. You can make your racing innovative by taking up a lemon and spoon racing challenge, sack race challenge, three-legged race, etc. Trust us, you will laugh out loud with so much craziness.


Take your dearest daughter by your side and let your son stand by his mom! It’s time for the family tug-of-war. Switch sides after a bit. It’s a fun way to find out who two makes the strongest team together.

Treasure Hunt

Imagine you’re in a completely new place and you drop them hints to reach the final destination where they will find their bags of goodies. Sounds fun already! So, plan a treasure hunt for your kids and drop them clues to play this fun game. Just make sure to keep them within your sights so they don’t wander far off.


Dumb Charades

Guessing your favourite movie and film star is always engaging. It’s a fun way to find out who understands your actions the most when you don’t use words. So, make teams and start playing dumb charades. Give it a twist by dancing on the song of that particular movie.

Dog and the Bone

It’s among the oldest games we grew up playing. Dog and the bone is really fun to play. Shuffle the teams to spike the excitement levels and let them battle to fetch the bone (or ball!) in the centre.


If you are at a beachside picnic spot, you can even play water volleyball. Otherwise, it is always safe to play it on the land/ground with your kids. Put on your sports shoes and play to win.


Who said football is just for daddies and sons? Get your daughter—and your son—together and have hours of fun in the sun. Don’t forget to carry the football and your soccer shoes along.

Passing the Parcel

If you are tired of all the energetic games, you must now relax and play Passing the Parcel. It’s easy and interesting at the same time. You can play your child’s favourite songs to make it more entertaining and make up quirky tasks for participants along the way, when the music stops.