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7 English classic songs to sing out loud with children

Encourage your child to sing as it will benefit him or her in a number of ways. Here are seven popular songs that your child can sing out loud.

child singing
Singing can help develop life skills. (Source: Getty Images)

Why should your child sing? It is an effective way of developing your child’s cognitive and motor skills. It improves memory, grasp over language and coordination of body parts, while allowing self-expression. Here are seven English songs that your children can sing out loud, while also helping them to learn the language better.

1. Que Sera, Sera

This popular song (translating as “Whatever Will Be, Will Be”) was written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans. The song, whose verses progress through the life of the narrator–from childhood to parenthood–has a beautiful message and would surely be inspiring for kids.

2. Do-Re-Mi

This popular rhythmic song, from the musical The Sound of Music, will help kids learn the musical notes through a rhyme. Each syllable of the major scale is sung on the pitch it names.

3. Edelweiss

Another extremely popular song from The Sound of Music, Edelweiss uses the metaphor of the white flower as a symbol of Austria that characters in the movie Captain von Trapp, Maria and their children knew would live on in their hearts despite their homeland being annexed by the Nazis. The song is quite pleasing to the ears and the tune can be easily picked up by kids.


4. Annie’s Song

Yet another famous folk rock and country song, John Denver’s Annie’s Song was written as an ode to Denver’s wife. The song has a simple repetitive tune and is easy to learn.

5. Take Me Home, Country Roads

Released as a single by John Denver, it was an instant success and continues to be a favourite among people. In this song, “country roads” refer to West Virginia although the writers of the song, including Denver, had never before been to the place. The song has a beautiful melody and kids would love to sing it.

6. A Spoonful of Sugar

This up-tempo song, from Walt Disner’s film and musical versions of Mary Poppins, talks about how even though a task can be daunting, it can still be turned into a fun activity.

7. Oh! Susanna

One of the most popular American songs ever written, Oh! Susanna blends together a variety of musical traditions. The song is characterised by nonsense verse while the tune is catchy.