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Friday, July 10, 2020

8 dog movies to watch as a family

Is your child obsessed with dogs? Here’s a list of eight great movies featuring man’s best friend. Keep the popcorn ready!

Published: July 22, 2018 10:04:08 am
Watch out for dogs!

Is your child obsessed with dogs? And, let’s face it, who doesn’t love dogs? Here’s a list of eight movies featuring man’s best friend that you can watch with your child. Keep the popcorn ready and some tissues handy, since things can get a bit emotional.

By Anmol Dham

Turner & Hooch

Starting this list with the brilliant Tom Hanks (with his hairline intact, surprisingly) and an equally cute dog with a script so cheesy, it can melt your kids’ hearts. Turner & Hooch is a movie about a painfully organised detective from California and his relationship with a pooch, Hooch. Turner is assigned a dog that was the only witness to its owner’s murder, but the catch here is that Turner (the detective played by Hanks) hates dogs. This one might be more for your child than you but hey, you just can’t go wrong with a dog movie and some popcorn.

8 Below

Paul Walker, before signing up with the race-car packed, action series of The Fast And The Furious, did a movie that is arguably his best performance in a movie. 8 Below surrounds an expeditionist who had to leave his eight huskies behind to get the other companions back to safety. With the huskies struggling for their lives and Jerry Shephard, played by Walker wanting to get them back, this story is about survival and love. Spoiler Alert: A couple of the huskies may not make it out alive so have some tissues handy.

101 Dalmatians

Movies on dogs and Disney have a longstanding relationship. With a classic like 101 Dalmatians, it’s going to keep your kid hooked to the screen. Cruella De Ville, as the name suggests, is a cruel, Dalmatian-obsessed multi-millionaire businesswomen who wants to make a coat out of their fur but the family of, well 101 Dalmatians won’t give in to her reign of terror. With a bunch of cute puppies messing up with the bad guys, it’s going to get your little one cracking up for sure.

Homeward Bound

You might have heard of pets travelling kilometres on their own to get to their owners, right? Just add a bit Hollywood-isation to it and you’ve got yourself a Christmas classic. As you’ve guessed it by now, it revolves around two dogs and a cat who think that they’ve been abandoned by their adoptive family which makes them venture out in the open. With many adventures on their way with a surprisingly human feel towards it, it’s a movie that will take you on a ride with itself.


When a family in financial trouble is forced to sell their home and move to a new place, it takes a toll on everyone, especially Matt, who feels lonely in the new surroundings he’s in. Until Lassie, a homeless dog, enters their lives and that’s when it all changes for the better. It’s not a sob story but it sure is emotional.


Bolt is a movie that revolves around the star of a hit TV-show, Bolt where he has superpowers. After he’s mistakenly shipped to NYC, he realises the “superpowers” that he believes to be real are of no use as he tackles the real world for the first time in his life. He ventures out on a journey to join his owner, Penny, who herself is looking for him. It is full of CGI- filled explosions and action that will keep you and your kid on your toes throughout the night. Oh, and incidentally, Bolt’s the dog.

Lady and the Tramp

When Lady, a cockerel spaniel, feels neglected after the birth of a baby in the house and feels attacked when two Siamese twin cats move in with the owner, she feels lonely. Tramp, in contrast with Lady’s upper middle-classs background, is a stray mongrel who takes the audience on a journey filled with love and romance. It’s a classic that you don’t want your child to miss out on and come on, it has ‘the’ scene of Lady and Tramp accidentally kissing each other while slurping in the same piece of noodle that has made this movie a cult classic.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

Saving the best for last, Hachi is the most mature movie on a dog out there. Hachi, an Akita Inu that has been accidentally left at a railway station is picked up by a professor who couldn’t bear to see a lonely puppy at the station. He tries to find the dog’s owners but in vain and though against the idea of keeping Hachi at first, he develops a bond with him. One morning, Hachi leaves with Parker for work and accompanies him to the station, refusing to leave until Parker himself walks him back. But then tragedy strikes and Parker is taken away from Hachi, who unaware, still waits for him till a decade later, in vain. This is about the undying loyalty of a dog whose life revolves around the owner’s and of unconditional love.

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